When we begin to work thru the bindings that tie us to the Multi Dimensional levels within the Old Earth Matrix we will find that which at first we will begin to reject. 

It is not TRUTH to assume that as WE have incarnated into human family lineages that have the most emotional debris that darkness did not also incarnated into the SAME FAMILY LINEAGE. It is not until we have anchored and understood how the Old Earth Matrix is layered and how it defends itself that this will be revealed to us. We will have been placed opposite the ANCHOR for said darkness and we are placed in order to remove the ROOT and in doing so seal said family lineage from the Old Earth Matrix re-harvesting programs. 

We are fully protected in our role in this clearing and it is when we have began to re-master our skill set in this our human physical form that we will be given said experience. It is to be remembered we are NOT in direct service to humanity and when we illuminate the ROOT that requires to be taken out our human responses to said presenting human vehicle will be used AGAINST US.  We must therefore step fully into our deep heart space and trust the process that unfolds.