In this dimensional reality that of INTRA we are accessing the core frequency bandwidths that provide the building blocks of the human physical vehicle itself.  This level of frequency bandwidth is HIGHLY protected by various frequency "guardians" that are in place to prevent access and to trigger defensive frequency distortions to activate upon unauthorized access. 

The SKULL MATRIX that supports and gives authorized entry to the seeker at this level is SKULL MATRIX TWO. Without this level of support and protection from the Skull Collective we would be at the mercy of the human logical mind and the Old Earth Matrix would seek to defend itself fully thru said human logical mind. 

It is prohibited to enter INTRA dimensional frameworks without SKULL MATRIX support to protect the human physical vehicle from these defensive frequency bandwidths. It is therefore not possible to move the human physical vehicle into BACE Camp and beyond without aligning fully with SKULL MATRIX TWO. 

ALL - The Blue SKULL of ORION is the overseeing SKULL for ALL ENTRY TO THE SKULL MATRICES and the High Council of ORION have various protectors in place to ensure that entry is only given to those aligned to Wider Creation in TRUTH.