The depth of illusion that is presented in order to protect the ROOT frequency must never be underestimated. Often we will find ourselves in deep frustration after taking time to address what we believed was the ROOT frequency only to have a version of the same illusion present itself to us. When this happens we must go within and remove the STRONGHOLD that protects the projector, that is the person who is hosting the illusion and reflecting it back to us. We can view this as a cinema, we are being shown a film in which we star but the focus will always be on someone else. We need to not only understand our role within the film being shown to us but what is being gained from us being in said role. The film projector will be a family member who is mostly absent and only ever appears when there is a major shift in our frequency. 

That which is occurring when this happens is the projector host is attempting to reset the film and uses the ROOT frequency to do this, when we successfully remove the ROOT frequency it matters not how many times the mostly absent family member then makes an appearance as the film cannot be reset. Without a ROOT frequency running nothing can manifest. 

We must stay out of assumption when we are approaching this as assumption will always lead us astray. For help in removing strongholds that seem to remain please contact Karen who will be able to give you a tool to help you. Please contact her HERE