When you begin to delve into the world of crystals you will come across the skulls, indeed many people ENTER the world of crystals thru connection first and foremost to the SKULLS.  They may not appear in crystal form to begin with, it may be that suddenly everywhere you look you see skulls. They step forward and all that is required is the acknowledgement that there is a journey to take and you are asked simply to connect to it. 

My Journey 

When I began my journey I was called to crystal skulls in the most obscure way. I did not set out to work with skulls, I wanted to "learn" all about crystals and healing. So I looked for courses on crystals, vibrational medicine and color. Little did I know that often that first step is just one simple step.  

The teacher that I had was a skull caretaker and I did not realize this until I turned up for the course. The universe will re-arrange things to reveal the path as soon as we take the first step.  I could not make the first weekend of the course so was invited a different weekend on my own.  Walking into a house full of skulls, indeed a healing room full of skulls was the most wonderful experience!  I wanted to learn all about them but was told that they were "year 2" of the course.  

As with all REMEMBERING we simply interact with the materials and the journey becomes alive within us. The skulls did not wait for me to reach year 2, they began immediately. Always I was pulled to certain skulls in the room and then of course the memories began to flood thru me. It is a process and it is a process that we simply interact with. The skulls remember us, they keep prodding us to expand to reach the memories that are hidden deep within our heart space. 

Now of course skulls are a major part of my work.  I work with skulls, personally, in grid work and also holding the space for those who connect with me to remember what they have forgotten in this human life experience. 

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