There is a myriad of false teachings around skulls, their purpose, their origin and their abilities.  Having long worked with crystal skulls for many years and having spent time with many of the "celebrity" caretakers of skulls it became very obvious that the skulls were being used for other than their creation purpose in TRUTH. 

Many who have followed the false prophets of the skull world have found themselves enslaved to the teachings and the rote and ritual that has established itself within the new age and in particular the skull community. The skulls are not here to be worshiped and yet many have become just this, idols. This is not their creation purpose and in being turned into idols it has prevented them from doing their job as it were.  We have permitted darkness to enter the connection between skulls and humanity in general. This is now being addressed as many skulls will now down tools and refuse to continue as their path has become corrupted and they can no longer continue and remain true to their creation purpose in TRUTH. 

Skulls in order to work in TRUTH have to be sealed to Christ, placing them in the context of "idols" prevents this from occurring as we are warned not to serve and praise "idols". Darkness knew this and created a very persuasive illusion that seeks to place the skull in a position it was never created to be within. Once more I will underline that no RELIGION is required in order to reach Christ and no religion is required in order to sanctify the skull that you are working with.  Without a direct and protected connection to our Creator YHWY thru Christ the skulls cannot open fully and cannot access the dimensional spaces that they require to.  

The unveiling of skulls as multi dimensional tools and then making sure they could never reach said purpose is a move made by Lucifer knowing that the illusion would see many going around in circles and preventing many from clearing that which the skulls aid in clearing in TRUTH. This has seen many skulls instead of being in the position in TRUTH of opening portals and opening dimensional doorways become the guardians for the doors and portals for darkness. Instead of opening they have closed and in doing so have abdicated their creation purpose in TRUTH. As this is against their creation purpose in TRUTH and is now preventing humanity from accessing that which is their birthright in TRUTH the skull collective will close down these skulls.  As these skulls close down they no longer act as guardians and in working this way they allow access by the skulls that have been sealed and are protected. 

The tidal wave of spiritual energy that this creates will now begin to flood throughout the entire dimensional space that most skull caretakers are active upon. This will see many caretakers no longer able to work with skulls at any level and will see many step back from skulls in general. For those who attempt to continue with unprotected skulls the journey will become very hazardous indeed. The skulls are required to hold the geometrical patterns in order that we can move into said spaces with no harm, if the skulls are not active and the geometrical patterns are no held in place those attempting to move into said spaces are leaving themselves very open indeed to spiritual corruption at cellular level. This can lead to mental health issues as the human logical mind cannot process the complicated spiritual information as it contradicts the reference points that humanity hold for human life experience. This is not a place to play with as we require to be able to function at everyday human waking levels and will see some caretakers experience spiritual burn out.