The human spine is a musical instrument that sets the CHORD and TONE for the human life experience within the SOUL Construct itself. All of our nerve endings and electro-magnetic pulses are tied to the human spine itself. Once we have begun the process of removing the SOUL Construct fully and surrendering it at a SPIRITUAL level thru our heart space to Creator thru Christ we have to physically address these keys.

It is the human spine that is the connection to the human physical plane that the human physical vehicle exists within. In order to move our human physical vehicle into BACE Camp and to align with Wider Creation in TRUTH we require to align the human physical vehicle with TRUTH.

This alignment cannot be addressed thru the spiritual realm alone and has to be addressed thru the Skull Matrices as the keys open the 3 levels of reality that cannot be seen by the naked human eye. Therefore we must walk within the Intra, Inter and Multi dimensional matrices in full protection of the Skull Collective.

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