Star Systems

As we go thru the evolution process more deeply our brothers and sisters from the various star systems will step forward more obviously to support us. If your Creation in TRUTH Purpose is connected to the Starseeds then you will already have established a connection to your "home" system.  If you wish personal channelled guidance from your "home" system please click here

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Our Story - High Council of ORION

Channelling is a way to connect thru the heart space with that which lies beyond.  When I first began to study color and vibrational medicine we were taken into deep meditations. (I studied with Kathleen Murray who has since passed). Many of you may know Kathleen thru her work with Crystal Skulls. 

As we sat in a deep meditation one day a group of BEings stepped forward to me. At first they simply revealed themselves and I sensed a deep radiating love from them.  There was an instant recognition and as the meditation continued the BEings remained, simply standing in front of me radiating this beautiful LOVE in TRUTH frequency, as the meditation was drawing to a close they asked me simply to remember.   I was sitting in a room full of Crystal Skulls when this occurred, indeed I was sitting in a house full of Crystal Skulls and the skulls were holding the space for the High Council of Orion to connect back with me. 

That interaction changed everything in a moment. I spoke with Kathleen about what had happened and she simply smiled at me and asked me to remember. Everything became about remembering, for in this our human physical form we go thru a sort of memory loss. This dimensional space seeks to have our attention at all times and this places focus on the very physical plane, there are many more planes than the physical and we must always enter thru our heart space to access them. 

Shortly after this meditation I began to reconnect with the High Council of ORION, it was personal information and guidance that they gave to me firstly and then one day they asked me to share their words with the wider world.  I had a facebook page at the time and I simply wrote an article and posted it. I was not prepared for the level of sharing that began.  From that first facebook post the channellings grew, so I created a wordpress blog site and began to post on there. Again I was finding that the channelled messages were being shared far and wide and the connections between our brothers and sisters who had taken human form began. 

I cannot describe how to channel for it is something that is second nature to me, its like breathing. I have channelled other star  systems since then but the High Council of Orion are the ones that remain with me always.  Working to clear and to cleanse the deep heart space and connecting the various star seeds who have taken human form to me.  The High Council of course are made up of various star systems, not just those from ORION. 

It was in 2012 that I was invited to Los Angeles by a woman who had come to me for some channelled information, my visit to Los Angeles saw me complete the TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from ORION book that the High Council of ORION asked me to bring thru from them.  Again the connections and the meetings with people were by universal design.  WE ARE always connected even if we do not physically recognize the connections.  The TRUTH Codes book is timeless, it applies as much to the world today as it did in the year 2012.  It can be ordered in PDF format HERE.