Stepping off the boat of Anger

It can be exceptionally challenging to step back from the emotional charge that anger has and its effects on the human physical vehicle itself are damaging to say the least. Anger can be expressed and felt on various levels of the human life experience and is at the root of many diseases within humanity. It is destructive and if not addressed can lead to further ill health and physical and emotional challenges. 

It is to be noted that to feel anger is entirely normal, it is how we react when we experience said emotion that is the threat, again using the example of a tool, a knife is a tool that can be used constructively or destructively. When we experience anger it is a heads up as it were that something within our emotional landscape is off and needs to be healed. Unfortunately many within humanity deny the levels of this emotion that they are dealing with and it is entirely possible to run passive anger through said denial. 

Those who display their anger are easier to spot, the hostility, the tone of voice, the often physical reactions they display make then easier to identify. Much more difficult are those who deny their own anger and then seek to address it through the emotional manipulation of those around them.  Lucifer is a master at deception, he can fool us into believing that any anger within our outer waking life experience is not ours and is merely a co incidence but the reflection that anger gives us is a clue to that which we are in deep denial of internally.  In order to step ashore and to stop sailing the oceans of grief that humanity are taught to remain within we must also step off the boat onto dry land. That which will seek to prevent our stepping onto said dry land is any, all and every residue of anger. 


It is anger that humanity hold on tightly to believing that they are justified in doing so. Nothing justifies us holding on to anger no matter what we have experienced in this our human form. Anger will destroy us quicker than any other emotion because of the blindness that comes along with it.  Many within humanity have seen lives destroyed often very literally due to their reaction to the human emotion of anger. 

Within the grief process that all within humanity are subject to is the phase of anger. When we lose someone we love we can feel intense anger and often we will deny it because it is not widely accepted as a part of the grieving process. It is entirely normal to feel anger when we are bereaved, it is however against our creation purpose to remain stuck in this phase. We must remember that the world that we are born into, Lucifer's world is DESIGNED to produce the emotional responses that many attempt to clear and to rise above. It is not about rising above anything, it is about walking through and cleansing our emotional residue through our surrender IN and with Christ. We cannot do this alone for we walk blind in a landscape that our human logical mind is conditioned to reject and to filter out. It is only through our complete surrender to Christ within the Salvation in TRUTH process that we can begin to address that which holds us to the outer waking life reflection of pain, separation, trauma and death. 

I can testify to the intensity of anger that was unleashed within me when I first experienced the death of my parent. The death of my father in a sudden car crash catapulted me to a place of internal pain that floored me. I was thirteen years old about to turn fourteen, those teenage years were a challenge as they are to all within humanity, now my father was suddenly gone and the anger that arose within me was beyond me. I felt crushed, I felt that God had somehow punished me for something and the world around me suddenly became a very hostile and alien place. This triggered the rebellion that Lucifer cultivates within humanity. I sought an outlet for my anger and I turned my back on our Creator YHWY, stepping away from all and any comfort that He could offer me aided fully through the denial of our minister of our then family church. There was I a distraught daughter struggling to understand the sudden death of her father and all the minister could do was repeat verses of a bible to me. The construct of religion is not set up to help us move through anything, it is set up to keep us at the place of our most painful emotions. No amount of questioning of said minister would move him at all, if he had spoken to me rather than at me then I may have had something to stand upon but he did not. 

Even though I turned my back on our Creator YHWY He did not turn away from me and it has taken me some linear years to understand this.  Always He protected me and always He encouraged me to open my heart and to seek for the answers to my internal pain. Our Creator YHWY NEVER LEAVES US, it is us who are manipulated into separating from Him. 

My earlier life of pain, separation and further distress were all manifest from that internal well of intense anger. My marriage to a very angry man, my first hand experience of emotional and physical abuse, all were manifestations of the internal destruction that I was running. The more painful the outer waking reality got the more I was in denial of my own internal emotional landscape. It was not until the death of my mother that I sought to heal the pain as it was beyond unbearable. It was at the point of losing my mother to cancer when I was 36 years old that I cried out to our Creator YHWY and surrendered to Him. At this point what did I have to lose? my life was in shatters and I could carry on no further. 

We DO NOT HAVE TO REACH THIS POINT before we surrender our internal emotional pain to Christ. Many within humanity will be taken to this point due to the intense conditioning that humanity are subject to in relation to "fighting", "battling" and "winning".  Lucifer manipulates all, every and any emotional residue and will keep us denying our own need for Salvation if we allow this. The only way to step off the boat of anger onto the shores of peace is IN and with Christ, Himself.  All other routes are simply masking the pain which is akin to putting a band aid on a broken arm. 

Releasing Eden