Stepping off the Boat of Anger part 2

It is one thing to illuminate and to realize that we are actually sailing on a boat of anger but something entirely different to not only step off said boat but to leave all the navigation tools on board.  For we do not require to exit the boat of anger holding the navigation tools that we used whilst on said boat of anger.  Many of the tools that are used remain hidden and this is the challenge that is presented to us for we must be willing to surrender that which we cannot see but that which has become a part of ourselves whilst we have lived within the old earth construct/matrix itself.  We are given the tools upon our birth into the old earth construct/matrix and we are taught how to use them to best effect by our immediate caregivers/family members. 

Indeed part of the cleansing and clearing process will illuminate to us very clearly the tools that our immediate family and/or caregivers use in their interactions with us.  We may at first deny all knowledge of our use of said tools but the mirror is there to view and view it we must because in our denial we side step the root of the tools we are using and we cannot remove anything that we actively deny.  Darkness knows this and works to hide the roots at all moments of all moments, manipulating us to place the problem in the reflection and have us attempt to alter it in those around us.  They are not us, we are not them and yet both are reflections. The pivot point, the trigger that hides is in the edge of the coin as it were, the space between both reflections that the trigger is hidden within. 

We cannot approach this from the viewpoint of the human logical mind because the mind is a master of illusion and can only ever see either/or reflection, its is our surrender to and in Christ that allows for us to stand in the pivot point and in doing so take down BOTH reflections. 

So how is anger used in your immediate family?  can you see it?  can you acknowledge it?  does it invoke a sense of overwhelming danger? does it invoke a power struggle that has been there so long that you no longer care?   all of these are valid questions and questions that can pin point that which is attempting to hide.  In the hiding is the emotional baggage that is revealed and that which has to be handed back to Christ in order to lighten the load and prevent the triggering as we walk out of the old earth construct/matrix patterning and into wider creation in TRUTH. We cannot walk when we are weighted down and we cannot walk carrying something that is extra to that which the journey requires. It is our human conditioning that seeks to have us continue carrying and will attempt to validate said carrying.