Stepping on to the Shore in TRUTH

The process of working with and dissolving the anger that has been anchored deep within us is a process that is both intense and liberating.  It is the anger that blinds us from the options and choices that are in front of us, it is the anger that allows for the manipulation of the picture presented and it is the anger that holds us to a path that seeks to justify said anger. It is the justification that keeps it locked within us, so whilst we may understand that anger is destructive we cannot let go of it because in the destruction is the justification and one thing more than anything else we are conditioned to seek within the old earth construct/matrix is justice. How often when we have been slighted or been hurt by another are we triggered with the need to re-address and find justice for ourselves in the process?

This is where Lucifer stands in the court of justice but it is not a physical court albeit the court rules and accusations play out in the physical realm, it is a spiritual court and it is used to chain humanity to the old earth construct/matrix itself. We are  told very clearly by our Creator YHWY to step out of the need to seek justice and that our Creator YHWY Himself will address all, any and every spiritual injustice that occurs within our human life experience. If we take this back from our Creator YHWY and attempt to do this ourselves we will be blindsided by the spiritual court that remains hidden to humanity and in which we are continually accused. 

As we step off the boat of anger then we will be guided to the spiritual court of human justice in order that we can break the accusations and step fully on to dry land.  We do this through asking for entry into said spiritual court and we must be very very careful that we keep this spiritual. We seek to enter with Christ as our Attorney and Witness.  We AGREE with all charges and we do not retaliate at all no matter what the accusation is.  We then agree with the charges and call on Christ as our Witness and our Attorney, we then state very clearly to the court that we are COVERED BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST and as such have nothing to answer for.  The spiritual court will always find in favor of Christ because He paid for ALL, ANY and EVERY sin that we could ever do within the old earth construct/matrix.  Lucifer only maintains his accusations and the outpouring of spiritual attack because we are absent from said court. As soon as we enter the court to "answer" the accusations then we are protected through the Blood of Christ and are redeemed spiritually. 

It is vital that we understand the need to address these accusations through acceptance and then enforcement of our Victory in Christ.  We are not seeking retribution, we are seeking the enforcement of our Victory.  The outer waking physical reality will then begin to restore itself as the strongholds, dominions, crosses and spells are nullified through the Blood of Christ. Indeed we cannot step on to dry land without visiting this spiritual court because we would always be drawn back in to the manipulation of the old earth construct/matrix through the various spiritual bindings that would reset continually.