SUPPORT thru Karen Doonan

We are now being prepared for exit from the lower dimensional frequency bandwidths. It is vital that we are harmonized at DNA/RNA level and this is done thru the frequency removal and restoration that is brought thru from Wider Creation in TRUTH. 

Karen is the channel that ORION work thru and as such is able to identify and correct the frequency distortions that arise as you approach the edges of the lower dimensional bandwidths. If everything has suddenly stopped or becomes "stuck" in your outer waking reality you are experiencing a distortion of frequency caused by misalignment. 

One to One sessions last approximately 90 minutes and can be booked below. Please advise which time zone you are within in order that a mutually convenient date and time can be arranged. 

One to One session

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Spiritual healing and energy work are not a substitute for traditional Medical treatment, if you have a serious health imbalance please see a Doctor or other appropriate professional, and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. These pages are offered as part of my practice as a spiritual healer and are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual information.  My primary efforts are directed to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves and others and to Commune with Spirit Directly. ALL thoughts are Prayers, and all prayers are answered, may your thoughts accept yourself as worthy of wellness and abundance and happiness. In no event can Karen Doonan be liable in anyway directly or indirectly for damages resulting from information or data provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use,  negligence or other actions.