It is the frequency that is anchored deep within the DNA/RNA of the human physical vehicle that is addressed thru the FULL surrender of lower dimensional coding.  It is not possible to move the human physical vehicle from the dimensional space referenced as "earth" without a FULL and COMPLETE surrender of the entire frequency bandwidth. 

ORION incarnates are VERY susceptible to "logic and reason".  It was this part of the ORION spiritual weaponry that was anchored deep within humanity at the very beginning of their creation. It is therefore vital that they detach from the human logical mind and EVERY attempt to distract them thru said logic and reason. 

Moving into the deep heart space will see a connection RE-ESTABLISHED that addresses this fully.  it is from within the deep heart space that the path beneath their feet begins to reveal itself and full healing begins as HARMONIZATION at GALACTIC level unfolds. 

Orion lower dimensional BEings are connected to the Atlantis and LEMURIA dimensional timelines and these timelines have to be closed down and healed before further expansion can occur in TRUTH.