B.C, Canada

I have connected with Karen many times over the past few years. Her channeled messages and meditations have been so very helpful in these  trying times, always peeling the onion back a little further each time.

The Vibrational Healing Meditation and Skull Collective work she offers allowed me to release the stronghold and addiction that was related to the Grief I held. I believe i would not have been able to release the addiction if it wasn't for Karen and the Skull Collective .

I recommend Karen's work, she is a Treasured Blessing for All.


F.H,  UK

Karen is an old soul who shares practical insights for those wishing to embrace the new earth paradigm. Her content, spiritual concepts and meditations are ideal for those who wish to experience, learn and evolve on their own spiritual awakening and journey.


G.N,  UK

I have been following Karen's work for approximately 6 years. In that time she has been a tremendous support and guide to me on my journey to Truth. I have received much healing as well as spiritual growth from the variety of the services she has offered, including books, personalised meditations and readings. Not only that, I have been in regular correspondence with Karen and she has always been extremely generous with her time; she genuinely cares for you, and will always tell you the truth of a matter to help you on your spiritual path - nothing fazes her, she is a very trustful confidante. Karen comes from a place of love and deep truth, which can be felt from the heart space. I would recommend Karen a hundred times over.