The First Steps

It can often feel a tad daunting, we hurt and we know that we do not need to feel hurt but where do we turn for help and support?  Very often we will attempt to turn to those around us and seek first of all validation that we have a right to hurt and then we may take advice from there.  It must be understood that we do not require any validation, we hurt because we have endured forever in a construct that is designed to produce the experience of pain, trauma and separation.  Often many people will turn to that which is termed "alternative" therapies because they have tried everything else and yet they still hurt. 

Karen has worked with many people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures all over the world. From very humble beginnings where she first worked with clients locally to working on a wider level and reaching people far and wide there is no distance that cannot be corrected when the right frequency of healing is reached by the client.  It is frequency that manifests the outer waking reality and as this is corrected and strengthened then the outer waking reality responds. 

If you have found this website then please know that there is help and support here for you.  You may wish to take some time reading that which is presented on this website, you may be searching for validation that the path that you are on is the correct one, again please take time to read the information on this site. Alternatively you may be at the point of taking the first step to healing and be wondering how to make an appointment with Karen.  How do you even begin to explain that which is occurring without sounding like you have lost the plot?  There is nothing that you can present to Karen that she has not already addressed in a previous situation and you can rest assured that everything that is shared is shared only with Karen herself. 

Perhaps you are wishing to hear from the Angelics and do not know where to start, perhaps you are venturing into new territory and are concerned that those around you do not understand that which you are drawn to.  Everyone starts with one step and when we take this step then the universe responds to us.  That which prevents us from taking that first step is often fear and yet fear is that which is causing our hurt and separation. 

At this time we are asked to embrace LOVE in TRUTH, to do this we need to be be able to open our heart but our heart is where we have stored all the pain that we need to let go.  The first step is the hardest but from that step comes another, much like when we were a child and we had to learn to walk, to begin with we take that first teetering step, with more practice we become stronger. 


Let Karen support your first steps by acknowledging that which is often the beginning of the healing process, that of "I see you, you are not alone, let me help you". Every journey begins with one step, are you ready to begin the journey to healing and wholeness?