The Hybridization of Humanity part 2

As the end of times begins to complete and the Book of Revelation plays out the vying for control of humanity in order to attempt to prevent the full completion of said Book will increase.  Already we are being placed under intense conditioning that seeks to separate families and especially the younger generations not only from the previous generation (that is their parents) but each other. Many of the younger generations are lost and confused, the increase in adolescent mental health is the manifestation of said separation.  Whilst Lucifer manipulates humanity to place their focus on artificial intelligence and encourages the interaction with conspiracy theories he places our focus back on "knowledge" and takes us away from TRUTH in the process. We can debate conspiracy til the end of time itself, the only way to TRUTH is through our full surrender to our Savior Christ and in doing so that which has remained hidden will be revealed. 

Our Creator YHWY will only allow those who are in TRUTH to exit Lucifer's world for the seeds of corruption are what manifest as Lucifer's world, the flood that many fully believe was the wiping out of our Creator YHWY's creation (due to the false teachings of the construct of religion) was simply Lucifer refining his world through the saving of Noah and his descendants. It was the curse of Ham which allowed for Lucifer to bring once more his manipulation through humanity and manifest it fully in the physical realm. Always we have to be guided by the Holy Spirit which is only ever gifted through our Creator YHWY, Lucifer has done an incredible job of presenting a false world, with a false history and maintaining our interaction with it through the pulling into logic and knowledge. Hence said logic and knowledge will never walk us out of Lucifer's world, only further into it. 

When Christ walked this earth in His Human form He did so knowing that His very presence was that which was changing those around Him.  Fully connected to our Creator YHWY He showed humanity the power of our Creator YHWY and in doing so showed us another way to live and to interact. Even now in these last moments of the end of times there are those who state they follow Christ who are still locked into logic and knowledge not able to understand that Christ did not come to preach either. He preached LOVE in TRUTH which defies human logic and knowledge. Their silent rebellion sits hidden in plain view but this was already prophesied in the Book of Revelation:

Revelation 3:15 - 16 (KJV)

 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth

Sitting in a physical church attempting to maintain "peace" through accepting what our Creator YHWY clearly tells us is in direct defiance to His Word is attempting to sit on the fence. There is NO fence to sit upon in TRUTH. The Word of YHWY is very clear in relation to the end of times and what humanity will be moved into. Many who are within the false salvation of the construct of religion cannot see the "lukewarmness" of what they have been manipulated into believing. As religious leaders attempt to alter the Word of YHWY in order to fit in with what their congregations want to hear they are in direct defiance to our Creator YHWY and will be taken out of the Book of Life.  We are not asked to follow anyone, we are asked to surrender fully to our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is only ONE way to leave Lucifer's world and that is be IN Christ for He alone came to reveal the narrow path and it is HE who walks it, guiding our Creator YHWY's children back to their Father in TRUTH. All else is illusion and a manipulation of Lucifer.