The Neutralization of Humanity in TRUTH

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)

It can never be underestimated the power of the intense conditioning that humanity are subject to and also within. The world that we are conditioned to believe is that which is around is and that which is all that is available seeks to validate itself through itself.  We will find that we can validate anything and everything because if we look hard enough everything contradicts itself.  This is now coming more to the forefront of the average human life experience but is ignored through the intense conditioning that has already preceded this age. 

It takes the linear time-frame of approximately 100 human years to fully complete the conditioning.  Let me expand on this further, take the current two younger generations which are undergoing intense conditioning in the use and acceptance of technology. Within the next further two younger generations (that is the offspring of the current two younger generations) the use of the written physical word as a way of communication will be eradicated.  At present those entering the schooling systems (particularly within the UK) are immediately subject to technology.  The teacher is there only to facilitate the use and acceptance of the technology which said younger generations are exposed to. Such is the chaos in the average human life experience that parents are not aware or are kept significantly distracted to a point where they do not see the bigger picture. Many parents are falling to the conditioning itself and instead of balancing out the use of technology with the written word and forms of communication that previous generations used are simply using the technology to interact with their children. This sees the conditioning take on a non linear element, the conditioning then seeps back through the generations with the control being through the younger generation itself. As humanity is conditioned to only accept linear in the forward direction this control remains hidden.  It will not be until the use of the written word as communication is lost that humanity may even register the control that this has permitted. 

We must always remember that we have a choice, even when our human logical mind insists there is no option there always is. It is the human logical mind itself that hides choice through the false reference points and intense peer pressure that humanity is subject to and within.  In a household with more than one teenager the pressure comes from the teenagers themselves on to the parents and immediate close family.  It is up to the family itself to take action to address the conditioning and this as we can see through the manifestation of mental health issues within the younger generations is often ignored. 

It is important to note that it is not technology itself per se that is the issue, it is how it is used within humanity that creates the manipulation and lays down the false reference points. Technology JUST IS, it is our interaction with it that determines the outcome. Much like a knife is a tool for cutting, for carving or of death, it is the user of the implement that decides what its role is. Everything in the human life experience is neutral (JUST IS) until it is brought to life through the emotional and physical interaction with it. 

The neutralization of humanity itself is fully underway and will only intensify as humanity attempts to be something that it was NEVER created to be. The underlying conditioning of course is that of "self", that by placing "self" in the driving seat we somehow control our own reality when in TRUTH placing "self" in the driving seat leads us further into rebellion and simply creates more and more division within the human life experience itself.