The Ocean of Grief in TRUTH

Releasing Eden

It can often be beyond challenging to navigate the ocean of grief that humanity sail upon. Grief comes in many forms often disguised, we do not for example register the grief that is triggered when we are faced with redundancy, moving home, ending of friendships etc.  These remain hidden to us but this does not mean that we do not go through the process of grief itself, we do.  We may feel intense anger, feel that we have been abandoned or betrayed and we tend to focus on these emotions ignoring the ocean that they create and upon which we sail. 

We are trapped within the ocean of grief until we are set free and Christ will help us to "walk upon the waters" leading us to dry land but we must surrender fully to the process and this includes the acknowledgement of our internal emotional landscape.  Grief that is not acknowledged begins to directly affect the human vehicle in many forms, most disease patterns stem from unacknowledged emotions which set up a vicious cycle within the human vehicle itself.  Anger that is not addressed is extremely damaging, from stomach ulcers to heart problems and beyond, unacknowledged anger is physicially and mentally damaging. 

Lucifer will always place our focus on the external and then validate it through the false reference points that humanity have been conditioned to accept as "logical reason".  Often the very subject of our emotional landscape is denied and rejected with the human logical mind enforcing its demands for a "logical explanation".  In order to address grief in our daily waking lives we must look internally and address the emotions that we have been suppressing for fear of drowning in them. Personal experience of physical death of loved ones has shown me the strength of illusion that is then presented as we withdraw from the world around us believing that our lives will never heal, that we will never find peace and that we will always walk with a huge hole in our heart. Healing is possible but is only ever truly achieved with a direct connection and in full surrender to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. It is often at the very moment that we are triggered and begin to sail on the ocean of grief that our first challenge begins, to accept that our Creator YHWY is not behind our bereavement. It can be challenging to turn our hearts to Christ when our hearts feel like they are breaking but if we turn away, if we believe the lies of Lucifer then we will forever sail upon the ocean of grief, often the pain is so intense that we shut down our heart space and we walk further and further from the very help that is always available to us in this our human form. 

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted

Matthew 5:4 (KJV)

Grief is not supported in the outer waking world, over the last few decades we have been forced to "carry on" with the human life experience as those around us side step the conversations that remain unspoken, as the world appears to continue and we feel more and more isolated and alone. Social media is driving the manifestation of acute mental health issues that are affecting the younger generations, giving a false window out onto society, driving many to the brink and often into suicide, depression and anxiety.  Society is manifesting a very solitary and lonely existence that is hidden under the false images of "perfect" lives and relationships. 

It is vital that we understand the role of grief and the emotional harvesting that darkness achieves as we are plunged into turmoil and chaos.  For we have a choice as to whether to remain there or to exit and this choice has always been there, Lucifer has gone to great lengths to hide it from humanity and in doing so has blinded humanity.  We do not have to remain sailing these waters, there is dry land and it is Christ who will navigate us to it.