The Role of Addiction

Releasing Eden

Everything that we are presented with has a role, we do not walk in the world that Lucifer created without temptation to rebel being placed at our feet at all moments of all moments. Temptation is not as easy to spot as the false reference point given by the teaching of the serpent tempting eve suggests. 

The hollow "gifts" within Lucifer's world are often not seen in their true form. It is only when we have digested the decision and choice that we made that we find ourselves other than where we believe our choice would take us. Addiction takes many and varied forms and its role is to keep us separate at a spiritual level from our Creator YHWY.

Humanity are conditioned to accept pain, suffering, trauma and separation as part and parcel of the human life experience and for many within humanity this conditioning becomes the very addiction that prevents them from understanding there are any other choices to be had.  Often when we are at our lowest point we will cry out for some form of help and perhaps this help is presented to us in the form other than that which we can accept.

The one thing that we in this human form will attempt to run from at all costs is the actual pain itself.  Lucifer created his world to give the experience of pain, trauma and separation, so whilst yes that is what we will live within his world it is not what we are created to live. Stepping out Lucifer's world involves accepting that we do indeed hurt. This does not mean that we have to relive the pain again, only that we consciously accept that we are in pain and that we require help in order to release and to get through it. 

The demon that visits those with addictions which can be anything from drugs, alcohol, depression (which is addiction to negative thoughts) or self harm, the list is indeed endless. Those who are struggling with weight issues are suffering from an addiction to food which will trigger when they have an emotional reaction that they cannot deal with. ALL comes from the triggering of the emotional debris that we in this human form are conditioned to accept is part and parcel of being alive. 

The demon is real, its whole entire purpose and creation is to keep as many within humanity in addictive cycles because once we are within an addictive cycle we go into a logic and reason loop, our human mind searches for a way out but will never find one because the human mind has no answers, it only ever questions. Indeed there is no need even for a question when addiction is involved. It is not why someone is addicted but what is it that drives the addiction. What emotional pain is at the root of the behavior. This is the opening question with the answer always involving a full surrender to Christ because the addiction is bound at a spiritual level. Attempting to deal with any addiction only on the physical plane in which humanity exist will always be an uphill struggle because the real root is hidden at the physical waking level. 

Without the protection that only Christ can give through our full surrender to Him the addiction will always be one trigger away. Many within humanity have seemingly conquered addiction but those who have done this without a connection to Christ are but one drink away from the backslide, they will have to wrestle with the demon continually and they will not always win.  This is not living, this becomes existing and the triggers will get stronger and stronger. 

ALL addiction is a form of separation, forgiveness is the road that leads away from the demon that patrols the Stronghold that is addiction.  The first step must always be towards Christ and accepting that we cannot in this human form live apart from being in Christ. We can exist, we can somehow fight our way through this human life experience but we will do so at a very high cost involving ever increasing pain and separation. We have another choice:

2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.​