The Role of Crystal Skulls Part 2 

Releasing Eden

We require to leave our soul at the Cross. Much like hanging up a jacket that no longer fits us, we must hand over our soul to Christ.  This TRUTH goes against the false teachings perpetrated by the fallen who will insist that the soul is somehow something to be harnessed and embraced.  We would not carry a knife with the blade towards us and not expect at some moment to be cut by it. It is the same with the soul which is pre programmed to ignite at moments of intense expansion. The whole role of the soul is to MAINTAIN the separation of our human vehicle with our SPIRIT.  Both cannot inhabit the same human vehicle, much as two families cannot co live within one house and yet many within humanity attempt to walk this way. 

The human soul knows only pain, separation and trauma.  It will go all out to convince its owner that somehow it is different but TRUTH JUST IS and the manifestation of unity in TRUTH cannot occur with a human soul still anchored within a human vehicle. 

This phase of the Salvation in TRUTH process is perhaps the most challenging because of the walk that many within humanity will have taken to this point. 

Our Creator YHWY provides everything we require in this our human physical form including the tools that are required in order to walk through and beyond that which is binding our human soul to death.  The human life experience is a walking death and this is hidden to many at various levels. When we reach this phase in the Salvation in TRUTH process we are asked to work INTER dimensionally as Lucifer bound the human souls to certain access points which exist beyond the realms in which humanity can walk.  

Many have attempted to use Crystal Skulls as a tool that they were never originally created to be used as.  Much like commandeering a fork to be used as a knife the tool is not designed for the actions it has been used for.  Crystal Skulls are now preparing themselves for the next phase and many Crystal Skulls will begin to switch themselves off in preparation for the movement they are now asked to take. They have been redirected and in said redirection many Crystal Skulls have been chained and bound in ways that will now be released fully.  ALL Crystal Skulls are connection via a crystalline matrix and this matrix is now sealed to Christ.  This means that those who attempt to use the Crystal Skulls for purposes outwith prophecy will find it exceedingly challenging to continue.  We have yet to actually see how this physically manifests but the Crystal Skulls will begin to reveal that which has harnessed and abused their power. 

For those who have worked with Crystal Skulls and simply become passengers in the journey these will be negated, there are no passive passengers in phase two of humanity's evolution. We each stand INDIVIDUALLY before our Creator YHWY in judgement. It matters not what we humanly believe when we are alive in this our human physical form, TRUTH JUST IS and judgement is individual and personal.  We do not stand in front of our Creator YHWY in groups, families or "circles", we are called individually and personally when our Creator YHWY calls us. 

We will be given physical waking reality validation of our our both our ORIGINAL creation purpose and that of our walk with and IN Christ.  All other routes will now fall to dust and the book of Revelation is now closing and prophesy is now completing. 

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea

Revelation 21:1 (KJV)