The Role of Grief

releasing eden

In this our human form we are open to many different forms of grief, many remain hidden to our naked human eyes.  Grief itself is a construct that many within humanity find difficult to navigate within. As the outer waking reality conditions the younger generations to become more detached from their inner emotional landscape the ability for them to become lost within their own internal emotional landscape builds. This leads to a sense of being overwhelmed, of being separated from those around them and a sense of "not belonging". 

We do not have to be a young person however to be experiencing the above, when we have undergone the experience of losing someone we have loved we all have the potential to become lost in our own emotional landscape. 

We can get "stuck" in any one of the very natural emotional reactions to the death of a loved one. Darkness will pull out all stops to attempt to have us remain stuck, it reaps a deep harvest from the emotional pain of humanity. As someone who experienced death at a relatively young age (I was 9 years old when my grandfather passed) I can testify to the actual passing and how we approach it being a key factor on how we can then move through the grief itself. Like many I have lost aged relatives who passed after having a long life but I have also experienced the sudden grief from a car accident and the sudden grief from an illness that struck and claimed a life in a short space of time. Each experience was very different just as my personal reaction to the death has been different.  There is no one way to experience death and no one way to experience the grief that follows. 

What seems to be under attack by darkness through the deep conditioning of humanity over the past couple of decades is the space in which we approach grief.  I remember when I was growing up in Scotland that traditionally when someone experienced a death in their family one of the signs was the curtains of the entire household were drawn. This signified the start of the mourning process and it was a process. Within Scottish culture the body of the deceased is often laid out in the house for those who wish to pay their respects and to view prior to the funeral service.  When my own father died I remember a never ending stream of well wishers paying respects and the kettle being on repeatedly as tea and biscuits were passed around.  Fast forward to the landscape of today and a few days off work seems to be the going rate.  This lack of following process does not allow for the grieving process to begin and for many within humanity the actual struggle to accept the death itself is the hurdle they are stuck at. 

Grief is a natural process, we cannot avoid experiencing it, it may be not as devastating as the death of a loved one, it may be grief in relation to a lost career due to illness, it may be the grief of a lost relationship due to divorce, the list is endless but unless we actually accept the event that triggers the grief then we will become stuck and lost within the construct of grief itself.  We can never have the same life experience that we had prior to the event that triggered our grief but we can have a fulfilling life, we can heal and we can remember without being plunged back into the turmoil and pain that we walk through within the grief process. 

We cannot walk through grief alone though, we will get stuck and we will become lost because of the way that we are conditioned within this our human form to reference our human life experience. The human logical mind may go into overdrive especially if the event involves the death of someone we are conditioned to believe is "too young" to die. We may go into denial and refuse to move from said denial, trapping ourselves at the very point of the triggering of grief. It is only through surrendering our internal pain and turmoil to Christ, Himself that we can begin to see when before we were blind for the role of the construct of grief is to blind humanity. Many within humanity have dealt with grief in very negative ways, through alcohol, through destructive behaviors and through self harm in ways that look other than they are in TRUTH. 

Death is not the end, it is the end of the person as we knew them in the human physical form in which they lived but it does not stop the love that was shared from continuing. We may not be able to hug and physically touch the person we loved but we can still feel them, for love in TRUTH is eternal but we can only ever reach them in TRUTH through Christ. It is IN our surrender to Christ that we can feel them free from the pain of the human life experience, that we can understand that their spirit moves to be with our Creator YHWY and that we can communicate with them through LOVE in TRUTH and not in pain.  The only way to move out of the pain of grief is to go within, to sit with Christ in prayer and to open our heart and the wound that grief instills in our heart in order that Christ can heal said wound. 

Psalms 147:3 (KJV)

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds