The Role of Mental Anguish

Releasing Eden

Lucifer will always attack first and foremost at a mental and logical human conscious waking level. It is not TRUTH to assume that accepting Christ as our Salvation in TRUTH will somehow see us wrapped in comfort 24/7.  It is precisely as we step towards accepting Christ as our Salvation in TRUTH that often the mental/emotional turmoil will begin as our human logical mind seeks to keep tight control over our outer waking reality. 

The human logical mind only ever works in absolutes which is left OR right, up OR down, this polarization seeks to have us view everything around us in a black or white context. In short it seeks to have us view our human life experience through the lens of logic, thus hiding TRUTH. As our Creator YHWY is not definable and as TRUTH sits beyond logic this deliberate conditioning which the human logical mind seeks to enforce is the root of the mental/emotional anguish and turmoil that many within humanity are subject to. 

We wrestle with our "belief" due to this intense conditioning and we will continue to wrestle with "belief" until we can walk beyond it for we are not asked to simply believe in Christ but to KNOW HIM. This can only ever be achieved through physical everyday living experience which our Creator YHWY will provide at all moments of all moments.  We are asked to live our FAITH, not to simply read about it. 

2 Corinthians 5:7 (KJV)

For we walk by Faith, not by sight

Lucifer has deliberately and subtly conditioned the human race to default to only believing that which the human logical mind sees via the human eyes.  This hides TRUTH from those who do not have "eyes to see" for they hold on tight to their conditioning believing the lie that the conditioning seeks to embed, that is that we should only trust that which the human eye can see and the human ear can hear.  This limiting of the human life experience is deliberate and holds many in place at this time. We must move beyond this dense and continued conditioning and reclaim our PEACE through our Salvation in TRUTH through our surrender to Christ. 

This will not magically see us ignoring the turmoil but it allows us to understand it and in the understanding we begin to allow the full surrender that is required, placing our trust fully with our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. At times of heightened distress we will be walking towards the edge of the boundaries that Lucifer has taught us to remain within and it is through the power of PRAYER that we walk with Christ beyond these boundaries.  Putting on the whole Armor of God is done in full surrender to the power of Christ's Authority, it is not done in a bid to go to war with darkness for the war is already won, it was won FOR US through Christ's death and resurrection.  This remains hidden to many within humanity who fall to the false doctrine that humanity must continue to fight and to wage war upon darkness. 

Philippians 2:5 (KJV)

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: