The Role of the Family Construct

Releasing Eden

A construct is a tightly woven illusion that seeks to verify and defend itself at the cost of all else.  In order to understand the role of the "family" construct is important to understand that constructs are not reality, they are made up of various illusions that seek to halt the human life experience, keeping it tightly within a list of unwritten and unspoken rules thus denying expansion and in some cases physical movement into a new way of living.

Whilst we may challenge those around us, we seldom challenge our relatives and often we will be very blind to the tight control that they exert through their behavior and responses to ours.  The emotional residue that is manifest through the family unit is one that Lucifer continually feeds and harvests from for we will always leap to the defense of our family for we have been conditioned to allow them to walk where they should not. Whilst we may respect the needs and wishes of those around us when it comes to family these needs and wishes are often demanded out with any respect whatsoever. 

Our foundation emotionally is set down in the first two years of our human life experience, well before we have mastered human language and as most human interaction is non verbal this sees us react to that which our human conscious waking mind simply filters out. Many within humanity cannot remember the first two years of their waking human life experience so this conditioning and foundation remains hidden. We may seek to understand why we react as we do, why we behave as we do but all answers are hidden in the first two years of our human life experience.  This conditioning is passed down through the family construct for families run a very rigid routine and rote that remains hidden to the human eyes. Parenting will always be a variation on what has been personally experienced by the parent as they were growing up. Whether this be the "opposite" (which is always a variation of the same theme) or a "continuation" (strengthening of said theme) parenting will follow unwritten and unspoken rules which are rigidly enforced through the emotional response of those in said family. 

This will see family members find it difficult to make decisions that others around them not subject to the same conditioning will find difficult to acknowledge let alone understand.  This of course then causes friction within further family units as marriages will tend to default to the stronger conditioning.  The hidden fractures this causes between family members is that which is manifest from the emotional debris that is manifest through the construct itself.  The stress upon a husband and wife is in direct response to the rigid routine and conditioning that each is subject to through their immediate family. Intense pressure placed upon a spouse by their immediate family has a ripple effect through both families and the conditioning produces an emotional response that seeks to validate itself at all moments.  This attack on marriage is deliberate for Lucifer requires to come between husband and wife in order to destabilize that which our Creator YHWY supports.  A strong foundation begins with a strong relationship between husband and wife through our Creator YHWY through their surrender to His Son, Christ. The breaking down of this is manifesting in the destabilizing of humanity as a whole, with many in deep emotional distress which is harvested continually by Lucifer and used to fuel the old earth construct itself. 

Genesis 2:24 (KJV)

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh

It is not possible to satisfy the above verse through a connection only between spouses. The emotional debris that each carry will seek to dominate the other.  A marriage that is out with a full surrender to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ will be one that has its base in war with one or both spouses open to huge manipulation through their immediate family. When a child becomes an adult and chooses marriage the parents are asked to respect this and to respect the decision of the now adult. How many marriages have reached breaking point through the interference (whether conscious or unconscious) of those within their immediate families?  The relationship between man and wife is sacred when it is done through full surrender to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. Any marriage out with this is at the mercy of Lucifer and it is in Lucifer's interest to destroy said marriages for they work against his plan for humanity which is to keep them separated and in rebellion to their Creator YHWY at all moments of all moments. 

The role and the influence of the family construct cannot be underestimated and as we step towards and begin our Salvation in TRUTH through our surrender to Christ we will find that this family construct ignites.  Many within humanity have struggled to find the way forward due to the intense pressure that this construct begins to place on them and how they are called to live their life experience through Christ. We are not asked to simply ignore the construct and attempt to carry on for we cannot walk being weighed down by the anchor that the family construct is internally.  We must work with Christ and hand back our own emotional debris in order that we can be clear of the triggering that the construct manifests, thus allowing us to understand and through said understanding forgive those around us that simply cannot see where we walk for they are blinded by the very construct that sought to keep us from our Salvation in TRUTH. 

Ephesians 4:32 (KJV)

And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you