Releasing Eden

Human language is a containment, different languages, different dialects and different meanings to commonly used words/phrases all make for interpretation and assumption and this is deliberate. In this our human physical form we "see" what we think we see and it is our internal emotional landscape that is the main filter or lens that we see through.  

When it comes to the words "soul" and "spirit" many within humanity have fallen to the assumption that both words mean the same and that they are interchangeable but this is not TRUTH. The SOUL is earth bound and only applies to the physical human life experience, it contains at the very deepest point a "black box" much like a flight recorder in an aircraft and as the SOUL is the sheath that covers the human energetic body it becomes the driving force of the entire human life experience. 

It is the SOUL that works to manipulate at the deepest unconscious levels of the human logical mind, it drives our outer waking life experience in a very hidden way.  Our deepest fears, our deepest regrets and our deepest traumas are all stored for reference within the black box of the human SOUL.  We ARE our ancestors and there are a very limited number of SOUL patterns.  This sees us connect with and interact with SOUL "family", we may feel a very deep bond with someone we have never physically met in this lifetime and this is bound by the SOUL which recognizes through the black box references who the person was in a "previous" life. 

Those who have walked in the New Age movement are repeatedly taught to embrace the SOUL and indeed many actively look for SOUL "family" and SOUL "mates".  This is a very false and dangerous teaching that seeks to fully blind at human waking level within the human life experience. It prevents any connection to our spirit which is guarded by our SOUL at the deepest levels of our heart space.  It is why Christ, Himself can only knock then step into our heart space, we have to open the door to Him. It is also why the New Age Movement have the false teaching of Christ "consciousness" which seeks to adapt TRUTH to fit in with the illusion that there is any path with an exit point at all. 

When we surrender to Christ through the Salvation in TRUTH process then the SOUL will retaliate, it will do this on a number of levels and it will seek to have us allow Christ to walk so far then prevent any further movement.  The SOUL is pain on all levels and as our grief, our loss, our trauma and our fear is triggered through the walking process then we have a choice, to remain in surrender or to step back behind the door that the SOUL keeps us from fully walking past. The Holy Spirit and our SOUL are not in resonance, the SOUL will reject fully the presence of the Holy Spirit and actively attempt to get us to doubt and to close down our heart space, thus preventing the illumination of the SOUL itself. 

The SOUL is manipulated by Lucifer because the information within the black box (this example is used to make it easier to bypass the demands of the human mind in relation to explanation) is "read" by Lucifer who then creates illusions which trigger the trauma and grief that we will be unaware of at a conscious waking level but will have within the black box.  For example we may have an irrational fear of a deep water, we may have no conscious waking memory of ever having something happen to us in deep water but when faced with it we have this intense fear experience.  What we are experiencing is the unconscious referencing of a previous life experience involving deep water. It sits at a deep unconscious waking mind level, the mind will seek to ignore it yet we will still have the fear experience. This is a very simple example, we can take this example and widen it to phobias in general.  

In order for Lucifer to manipulate us into a fear response which defaults us back to the human logical mind all he has to do is trigger the black box within the SOUL.  It is our SPIRIT which is connected to our Creator YHWY which seeks to have us walk beyond the fear for it is connected to SOURCE, to our Creator YHWY and to TRUTH.  At any one moment our SPIRIT and SOUL will be at war and at any one moment within the Salvation in TRUTH process our SOUL will wage war on the Holy Spirit in an attempt to remain and not be surrendered to Christ fully.