We are conditioned heavily in this our human physical form to accept a false identity and this is based on the foundation of ancestry.  So intense is this conditioning that it sees nation stand against nation and has manifested "nation" as a living entity which seeks to dominate the human life experience itself. For many within humanity this is so strong that they will never physically leave the country of their birth.  Many go a step further and never leave the area of their birth. This blinds them to the conditioning itself which can only ever be seen when we step out of our "national identity" and step into others. It is the belief that we are of any nation at all that blinds all of humanity.  Where we are born into this dimensional reality is irrelevant and as move further through the Salvation in TRUTH process we will reach a point where we have to let go of that which we believe is "our identity" because it is a block to our expansion. 

It is challenging to address this at the best of times because our cultural identity is woven into our immediate family.  In certain nations such as for example Scotland (I was physically born in Scotland) it is further fractured by the identity that is also accepted in relation to where in the nation you are born.  For example I was born on the East Coast of Scotland which has a very defined speech and behavior context.  The dialect that is used is somewhat alien to me albeit I can interpret and understand it because I have relatives living there still. But I was not brought up in that area, I was brought up in the Highlands of Scotland which has a different dialect and a different behavior pattern. This fragmenting can be seen all over the world with the breaking down and division among nations themselves and this is deliberate to hide the root itself. 

Our ancestry is the chain that holds us to death.  We require to dissolve all, every and any ancestral pattern because we repeat them generation to generation.  The tools change, the reflection changes but the behavior and belief remain the same, they are variations on a theme. Hence thousands of years have appeared to pass in my country of birth but the "fight for independence and freedom" remains. It is no longer fought on horseback but the patterns, behavior and belief remain. 

We cannot move through the Salvation in TRUTH process fully unless we go beyond death and as ancestry chains us to death we have to remove the anchor. This may bring up various fear within us as the human logical mind questions that which we are interpreting as other than it is.  Who will I be if I let this go?  What will happen to me?  These questions are irrelevant because they are contextual.  We are, that is as far as it goes. When we go any further into this then we begin the fragmentation process over and over again.  We must remember that we have been conditioned to separate, polarize and divide as a way of living.  In order to become whole and healed we must allow the division, no matter what it be to be healed.  

This of course is presented other than it is in the outer waking reality with the non labeling and "gender fluidity" teachings that seek to neutralize humanity. We are not neutralizing we are dissolving and in dissolving that which is not truth we reach TRUTH. It is not the other way around albeit the other way around appears to make more LOGICAL sense.