The Sterilization of Humanity in TRUTH

We are asked in the Word of YHWY to be neither hot nor cold and yet the intense conditioning that humanity are currently subject to seeks to punish those who attempt to take a stance against the conditioning itself. We are being manipulated into being "lukewarm" through the peer pressure to allow "anything to go".  This is presented to humanity as "loving" and " supportive" yet is anything but.  It is simply more rebellion that is being anchored through the very intense manipulation of human language itself. 

We are born into one of two very definitive forms, that of human male OR human female. That is the original creation:

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them

Genesis 1:27 (KJV)

Despite this humanity are now being conditioned to step out of this and to accept a concept known as "gender fluidity". Article after article is presented with various stories of how this is acceptable and is somehow an advancement for humanity.  What it hides is the rebellion that it seeds, only now are there very small voices challenging this conditioning with many who have attempted to go through the process finding that reversal of the process has done lasting damage to the human physical form. The emotional impact of "gender fluidity" of course has not fully manifest as yet.  Those who seek to take a stance and who voice their concerns are of course labelled as being "bigoted" and "hateful".  We are not God, science is not God albeit it attempts to do as our Creator YHWY does and when it tries to do this it creates things that are beyond evil in the process. 

All that is spiritual will manifest on the physical plane unless it is healed at a spiritual level first and foremost.  What is not addressed in the confusion is the spiritual aspect affecting humanity.  As humanity walks further and further into rebellion and separation then it is more and more susceptible to the influence of Lucifer and darkness as a whole. In order to influence and manipulate Lucifer has to hide the connection to our Creator YHWY.  He has done this in various ways and is now using the conditioning to further blind humanity.  Many who take a stance and quote the Word of YHWY are simply labelled as "religious zealots" and are silenced by those who see "religion" as the control that the construct has presented. No religion is required in order to understand the Word of YHWY, we simply need to have surrendered to Christ and accepted the Gifting of the Holy Spirit.  But the surrender must be in TRUTH, not simply accepting Salvation in the human mind and context into which it has been placed for generations. TRUE SALVATION is a very personal journey with and IN Christ, Himself. 

The manifestation of the separation of humanity from their Creator YHWY sees a bridge that is walked by those who refute our Creator YHWY and who choose to believe that humanity are in control of their own human existence. This bridge is wide, it is patrolled by darkness and allows various levels of darkness to manifest through into the physical realm which humanity live.  This bridge is created when a human being accepts that separation is their choice and who rebel by enforcing their human will and "self" to the detriment of their spirit.  The battle for human souls is almost over for it is the human soul that Lucifer uses to access the physical realm which humanity live within. 

Various false teachings exist that seek to strengthen the connection between SOUL and human vehicle itself. A human SOUL is the bridge itself to the pain, trauma and separation that darkness fuels itself upon.  It is our SPIRIT that is of our Creator YHWY and the human spirit and the human soul will go to war with one another as the human soul seeks to control to the detriment of the human spirit.  This is why it is vital that we surrender to Christ and are gifted the Holy Spirit for the SOUL will attempt to hide itself continually.  As human language has been used to reference both the "soul" and the "spirit" as interchangeable it can be seen how easy it is to be fooled by the human soul. 

The sterilization of humanity is the separating fully from life itself, with the human SOUL only able to manifest variations on one theme, this has been accepted by humanity as the human life experience but is not life, it is a living death, going round in circles that see humanity endure the same trauma, pain and separation to various degrees but always to certain themes.  This is held within human language as "family patterning" but is anything but. 

In order to access life in TRUTH we must first of all be connected to TRUTH itself.  TRUTH was born into human form and is Christ, Himself. Taking human form allowed TRUTH to physically walk among humanity.  It was TRUTH that was crucified on the Cross but it was also TRUTH which defeated death and rose again.  In order to access life in TRUTH we require a connection beyond this mortal coil:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me

John 14:6 (KJV)