Thru the Looking Glass in TRUTH

As we step off the boat of anger and step on to the shores we are greeted by our SPIRITUAL REFLECTION. Said spiritual reflection is always hidden to us within the old earth construct/matrix as the focus is placed continually on the physical waking reality and we are conditioned heavily to re focus on this continually. 

We are exiting the old earth construct/matrix and in doing so we are balancing this our human life experience in this our human physical form with that which we are at a spiritual level.  The damage done within the old earth construct/matrix is inflicted both at a spiritual level and a physical human waking level.  The addressing of the spiritual bondage and hurt and damage is done as we approach the mirror of spiritual reflection as we step on to the shore. We cannot walk beyond this mirror, it is that which protects the old earth construct/matrix itself and that which we are walking towards sits beyond this mirror in TRUTH. 

At this phase of the expansion process we may feel physically weary and jaded, we may feel exhausted and overwhelmed at times as we have now moved into the balancing of spiritual and physical and this way of living requires to be strengthened. It is thru our Creator YHWY's Grace that we walk and we must remember that when it feels too much we need simply reach out through our surrender IN Christ and receive the Grace that we require to keep going. It is akin to learning to walk as a small child, we will feel this need to master walking, we may fall down and trip over often but the driving force is the will to walk. It is the same with our Spirit in TRUTH which has anchored within our human physical vehicle, it is our Spirit in TRUTH that drives our need to keep going as it is connected to TRUTH and it is the frequency of TRUTH that is growing and expanding within us in order that we can live and experience TRUTH in this our human physical form at an everyday human waking level. 

We will also have been given practice at patience as we have moved through the expansion in TRUTH process as we have learned to control the human mind and its demands for timelines and dates to be adhered to. In wider Creation in TRUTH ALL JUST IS, it is merely the heavy conditioning that has set up this demanding protocol and we will have been moved through the expansion in TRUTH process in such a way as to dissolve this.  Much as a small child would simply not go from crawling across the floor one day to running a marathon the next we too must build our strength and accept that our Creator YHWY knows us better than we know ourselves.  It is within our surrender IN Christ that we even begin to glimpse who we are in TRUTH.  So by the time we reach the shore and look in the mirror we are prepared for that which looks back at us. 

Logic would dictate that the reflection would be some bright shiny spiritual being but remember this is the reflection that the old earth construct/matrix presents to us, so it will be warped.  It will attempt to hide that which MUST BE HANDED BACK IN ORDER TO GO THRU said reflection.  For those who have tried to move ahead too quickly this is a wake up call because we cannot go thru said reflection until we are CLEAN spiritually.  No speck of dust is permitted to enter wider Creation in TRUTH in order to protect said wider Creation in TRUTH so we will be prevented from exiting the old earth construct/matrix with ANY DUST within us.  This protects us also for wider Creation in TRUTH is expansive, we cannot expand division because expanded division seeks to destroy.