TRUTH Codes Chronicles from Orion was originally channeled thru Karen in 2012. Since completing the book in Los Angeles CA, Karen has been on an expanded and at times challenging  journey which has seen her travel from the North of Scotland back to the USA, travelling thru 11 states and spending some 3 plus years in the USA in the process. The last construct that Karen was moved into and thru was that of the construct of Religion.  This saw Karen spend some 18 months living within a community called the Twelve Tribes and spending time between New Hampshire and Vermont. 

It has taken Karen a long time to release the residue that arose within her during her time in the Twelve Tribes, a time where she was shown first hand the workings of the construct of religion. A time where even although the teachings taught went against human compassion and understanding many still refused to challenge them due to the internal shame, guilt and abandonment and betrayal issues that they refused to address. It was akin to viewing a microcosm of the external wider human race, the exact same issues, troubles and distress that those in outside world face are still experienced within a Twelve Tribes community.  Something that many will deny but TRUTH JUST IS.  Why would this happen when the outside world is rejected? Because it is WITHIN humanity that the frequencies sit, it is not the external circumstances that require to be addressed in order to alter the human life experience, it is the internal landscape that requires to be released and healed. 

Karen now returns to wider humanity and has begun work on a second TRUTH Codes book which will be released in early 2020.   She has been guided to expand her Releasing Eden work once more and has begun to create the TRUTH Codes website which will be addressing the issues faced by those who incarnated into humanity from wider Creation in TRUTH in order to aid in the movement of humanity into full evolution.