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Image by Billy Huynh


What are TRUTH Codes?

Everything in the "world" around us is frequency and vibration, our own energy system is a series of frequencies and vibration.  The effect that this has on our human life experience can never be underestimated.  TRUTH Codes are a set of harmonic frequencies that BALANCE out our energy system. As we find this inner balance then we experience said balance in our human life experience. 

Have you ever started the day irritable, waking up perhaps tired and then find that the entire day unfolds in a series of events that enhance this?  this is an example of what is called a "disruptive" frequency. All frequencies seek to harmonise and to balance at all times. Any frequency that is running internally has the power to disrupt our inner harmony and balance and this results in various disruptions at a human everyday waking life level. 

TRUTH Codes dissolve the disruptive frequencies bringing your energy system back into balance and harmony.  This is done thru a series of symbols that work to bypass the human logical mind.  Disruptive frequencies work to hide within our energy system and as they speak to the "logic and reason" part of us, (our human brain), they can be tricky to identify.   There always seems to be a "logical" reason that explains the experience being had. 

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