Understanding Forgiveness

Releasing Eden

Conditioned to live in a reality that seeks to place "blame", "pain" and "trauma" externally at the feet of those around us it is challenging to fully understand what is meant by forgiveness. We can look to the Cross and the crucifixion of Christ and see a human man who was nailed there and left to die.  Many cannot comprehend the actual scenario itself, many place Christ on a pedestal that seeks to have him other than human in order to hide the power that we are gifted in forgiveness. 

Christ took human form, lived His life as a human male and died a human male. He had access to our Creator YHWY but He still had human emotions and a physical human body. To hang on a physical cross, to look at those who He knew did not understand His message and to ask for forgiveness for them may seem a monumental task, impossible for us even, but He did this to show us the power available to Him through our Creator YHWY. For had He not asked for forgiveness we would have no way of exiting Lucifer's world, without forgiveness there is simply no path to walk in TRUTH. 

Always within the process of Salvation in TRUTH we are given understanding that was beyond us prior to the actual experience itself. Many times personally I have been floored by the power of forgiveness when it has been gifted.  Forgiveness allows our hearts to open, it allows healing to be reached and it heals the separation that seeks to widen through unforgiving. Forgiveness is not simply stating "I forgive you", it is not holding tightly on to the experience seeking to avoid it in the "future" for this keeps it tightly in place.  Lucifer feeds off the pain and separation of humanity and this gains in strength when situations are left unresolved. Forgiveness has no time limit, it has no life limit, it is beyond our understanding until we receive the gift of forgiveness.  This gift comes from our Creaotr YHWY and is gifted through His Son, Christ.  

To not forgive is to keep ourselves at the Cross unable to go any further due to the pain and separation that remains within us, the mounting up of emotional debris is through non forgiveness.  There is nothing that we cannot be forgiven for and we have simply been conditioned to believe that there is. I have met some truly astounding people who have gone through intense pain, loss of loved ones in the most heartbreaking way and those who have reached forgiveness are the ones who gain a strength beyond anything they could have understood prior to the journey taken.