Understanding the Lie that is DEATH in TRUTH

It is vital that we begin to allow understanding to be reached through our heart space which is then processed through our human logical mind. If we attempt this the other way around we reach the false context and we will be opposed fully. This sets up a type of frustration within us that is challenging to live with and as it is not TRUTH cannot me maintained.  It is challenging to look at the construct of religion from the context we are required to because it is anchored so deeply through humanity.  We may attempt to side step it believing that we are on a path that takes us around it anyway so best just leave it alone but we are on a path that takes us THROUGH IT because we are bound to the false construct of religion in many ways. Most of the foundation of human society is based upon the construct of religion and non religion is a religion, it just manifests as none but the hidden part of it still is anchored. 

We are conditioned to believe that death is the end and in accepting this conditioning we attempt to avoid death.  In avoiding death we avoid the very anchor that keeps us bound to this dimensional reality.  The human logical mind does not help in any way with this because it is that which comes with our human physical vehicle, the fear of death assumed by the human logical mind is in reference to the pain of the death of the physical vehicle itself.  But the fear of death goes deeper than this, we experience our human life experience by avoiding the very frequency that tethers us.  So the next question of course is how do we un-tether from a tether that we are in fear of confronting? It is a valid question and one which our  Creator YHWY will reveal the answer to through our human physical experience of the challenging of that which Christ underwent and reaching understanding of both the symbology and the lies that surround Christ's "death".

We must understand also how the construct of religion works to plants seeds within the human logical mind. It works at all times to create a picture FOR US and then encourages us to accept said picture.  This is how we begin to "see" illusion at work because TRUTH JUST IS, it does not require to create a picture and have us accept it.  This is simply the conditioning seeking to appear as other than it is in TRUTH. 

It is vital that we approach Christ's death from the context and viewpoint of FREQUENCY.  There are a myriad of "painting" "films" and media that seek to place emphasis on the physical pain that Christ underwent during His Crucifixion and this is deliberate, for in order to create a picture into which humanity step the picture has to reach the emotional debris that is within humanity. So we are fed the picture of a man in incredible pain, a man who walked among humanity and who sought to challenge the "teachings" of humanity at said time.  It is to be noted the placing of focus within said picture, focus is being placed upon the "religious leaders" of said time. So religion is woven into the picture from the outset.  Christ entered the old earth construct/matrix for one purpose and one purpose only, to reveal the lie that is death.  But this remains hidden to many who are so intently focused on the death part of the picture that they are out of focus and out of context, so miss the entire point of His entry and exit. 

The power within Christ is not only that He is the Son of our Creator YHWY but in the FREQUENCY that He carries BECAUSE He is the Son of our Creator YHWY.   ALL is frequency and it is frequency that manifests into the physical waking reality that we exist within.  Without a frequency something cannot manifest. The miracles that Christ performed was due to the FREQUENCY that Christ IS and I deliberately use the present tense because HE IS. What prevents us from physically interacting with Him manifest in human form is the frequency that we are at this time.  Frequency resonate or repels and this remains hidden to humanity.  Many within humanity accept radio waves, tv waves, color spectrums etc but deny beyond this. Denial is a frequency that is used to manipulate and to hold humanity. Where we find denial we will find a hidden picture and access is prevented when we remain in denial. 

The construct of religion (and all its variations) is the bubble of protection around the lie of death. Walk in to any religious "place of worship" and you will find the anchor points of frequency but they manifest as religious "icons", as "pictures" as "writings" that are presented in a context that remains hidden. If we start out on a journey and are using an out of date map which sees our starting point not correct then the ENTIRE JOURNEY IS FALSE.   When a human being does not have all the information that their human logical mind require to form a picture they will move into assumption and then accept and run with the conclusion. Thus we have millions of academics who are all discussing and arguing within the context of "theology" but they only require written "evidence" of that which they seek, they do not require physical everyday life experience so the resulting pictures they create will be accepted and rejected but the entire context is not TRUTH so everything within it becomes null and void. BUT humanity have been conditioned to turn on themselves, the input on a human ego was a move by Lucifer to cultivate the very rebellion that he uses to fuel his construct so it is in his interest to blind humanity through this frequency. 

By placing an "event" within a linear timescale said event is then neutralized through the assumption of the human logical mind that nothing has to be done because we are not near the linear timescale that is presented. The old earth construct/matrix is like a large playground, all designed to create distraction and in doing so separate humanity from TRUTH because until Christ incarnated into humanity there was no TRUTH.  The seed of TRUTH had to be planted within the dimensional space and the only way to do this was for our Creator YHWY to place said seed within this dimensional space.  The seed is a frequency and this frequency has sat and remained still until our Creator YHWY began to water it with further frequency.  Then our Creator YHWY placed other seeds within the dimensional space in order to protect said frequency a bit like when we seed our lawn, we spread lots of seeds that fall into the earth and then require the correct nutrition in order to sprout. Until they receive said nutrition the seeds remain dormant. 

The seeds were planted before the arrival of Christ in His human physical form in order that the nourishment that Christ IS began to water said seeds.  Again it is vital to keep viewing this as frequency and to try to remain out of linear. ALL JUST IS and Christ had to be born of a human physical vehicle in order to work within the linear time frequency that humanity are bound to, if not He could not have watered the seeds to take root and to begin to disrupt the frequency that this dimensional space was created with and protects.