Understanding the Lie that is DEATH in TRUTH part 2

One of the biggest illusions presented to humanity is through the construct of science which seeks to validate the illusion that is this dimensional space.  It seeks to place this dimensional space in a context by providing the picture of what this dimensional space "looks like" (note again the use of pictures which play fully to the needs of the human logical mind to have a picture into which to step) and then further references it in respect of other dimensional space which it calls "planets".  Then it begins to turn on those within humanity who can challenge this picture and we have the THEOLOGY that begins the war of words in respect of a "flat earth" or a "round earth".  Both are irrelevant because both are illusions to protect the DIMENSIONAL FREQUENCY SPACE that we are born into in this our human physical form. Both theologies take the seeker away through distraction and in doing so blind them to that which they are currently within. It gives another false anchor point and it does this by placing the focus of humanity on the EXTERNAL which of course they seek to validate through other external reference points. What we are blind to in this conditioning is that which is internal is manifesting externally, so we are validating that which we are bound to and in doing so become blind to any, every and all alternatives. 

So back to Christ and His crucifixion which plays to the the fear of the human logical mind in respect of pain and death. No one has ever gone beyond death apart from Christ because the frequency that they are upon the point of death is that which sees them reborn back into the dimensional space that they have been removed from. But only the human physical vehicle is dissolved, the soul that is within the human vehicle is that which tethers the human life experience to the old earth construct/matrix. It is why we require to dissolve the tethering, hand back the soul and accept our SPIRIT in TRUTH because we are then walking within a dimensional space but tethered from out with said dimensional space because our SPIRIT in TRUTH is from our Creator YHWY.  It may be more helpful to use an example to help at this point, so let us view the dimensional space that we are born into as a spacecraft, we are the spaceman and the tether is the human soul first of all. In this example we can move around the spacecraft but as we are within the space craft we have only one view of it and only one context that we can place it within because if we have never ventured outside of said spacecraft we do not realize there is even a context that we are using.  Now in this example let us swap the internal tether which is the human soul for an external tether. The human soul tether only allows us to venture within said spacecraft, it does not allow us to go outside of it. Our SPIRIT in TRUTH does so in this example let us now use the SPIRIT tether, we can now exit said spacecraft and now because we can see said spacecraft we can begin to put our experience within the space craft into a different context because now we understand said experience in the context of it being experienced in a confined space which is the spacecraft. Now because the SPIRIT tether is not connected to the spacecraft we do not have to remain within the spacecraft, we are then shown that there are other options but said options are not available to those tethered within said spacecraft due to the context they are living and experiencing said spacecraft within. In the example (as with our outer waking reality) the denial of a false context will be backed up by written evidence of only the spacecraft itself, everything else will remain hidden with those on said spacecraft living out their life experience within only the context of the reality that they experience. 

This is the construct that we are now exiting and which many will attempt to call us back to, for them the belief that there is nothing physical beyond the dimensional space they are born into is strong and is backed up by the experience of physical death of those around them.  It is the physical death of the human vehicle that paralyzes them and keeps them within the frequency boundary that said fear manifests.  They believe that they are somehow keeping everyone around them safe by maintaining the boundary and that anyone who appears to be moving towards said boundary requires to be stopped for their own "safety".  What they cannot see due to their frequency is the containment that they live within and the options that wider creation in TRUTH provides.  We cannot therefore fall to the illusion of humanity, for we have been given physical validation of TRUTH and we are provided with the tether that is our SPIRIT in TRUTH which will continually seek to have us align with wider creation in TRUTH by moving us past all, any and every frequency boundary put in place to persuade us to turn back. It is our human ego and any, all and every frequency of emotional debris that will have us stop in our tracks and attempt to turn back to salve those we are now moving from.  This serves no one and is not TRUTH for humanity cannot remain within the dimensional space for said space will be dissolved fully. More in depth understanding is achieved by dissolving all, any and every emotional residue frequency that is highlighted to us by our SPIRIT in TRUTH and then surrendering to the process of removal.  This sees us align further with wider creation in TRUTH and provides further context in TRUTH.

We are here in this our human physical form in service to our Creator YHWY and it is His commandments that we follow in order that we can now expand humanity into the evolution process they have been denied and which in said denial has kept them in pain, suffering and separation forever.