Unveiling the Hidden Anchors in TRUTH

Releasing Eden

During the transitioning from one dimensional space to the new earth it becomes vital to allow the unveiling of the anchors that have kept the human life experience lived in said dimensional space in place. 

So strong is the conditioning placed upon humanity that many within humanity are fully blind to their closest and nearest blood relations.  Indeed the fracturing of the human life experience is often seen as non fractured in reference to the family blood line with many defending it regardless of the actual personal hurt, pain and separation that has been experienced in said blood line. 

It is vital that surrender is remained within for the anchor will attempt to hide itself repeatedly and it does this through the triggering of the foundation family patterning that keeps the human life experience in place.  It can of course be felt and as movement is made towards the blood line anchor a sense of a "storm" will ensue.  It is the fear of this "storm" that will prevent many from moving past this part of the cleansing and clearing process. 

Human society is not united, it is divided at foundation blood line level and this is done through the anchoring from mother to offspring.  This hidden anchor is celebrated within human family blood lines further hiding it and causing more emotional distress for those who are moving out of and attempting to dissolve it. This anchor is the thread that humanity are conditioned to allow to remain for they are conditioned to accept that this is part of the human life experience itself. 

Where judgement, dismissal, rejection and anger are found, there is found a bloodline anchor.  The main anchor placed within human blood lines is that of anger as anger has a myriad of manifestation points and many of them look other than they are in TRUTH. It is these anchors that tie humanity together and it is these anchors that prevents the full sailing from one dimensional place to another.  At a human waking every day level it will manifest as guilt, sense of duty and often times it will hide within compassion in an attempt to remain solidly in place. 

Those who have incarnated into humanity in order to move fully into evolution are supported fully on the releasing of these anchors because these anchors are not TRUTH, they are a hidden frequency thread that seeks to keep a low dimensional bandwidth in place preventing the healing that takes place upon the dissolving of said anchor. The human logical mind is entrapped within the intense conditioning that arises around said anchor.  Many within humanity will do anything to keep alive their connection to their blood line believing that somehow they are protecting said blood line but nothing is further from TRUTH.  It is not protecting the blood line from anything other than TRUTH and Lucifer knows this. 

Once a blood line anchor is found it must be handed back fully and immediately for the resulting emotional debris is a feeding ground for darkness and it will pull in other family members in an attempt to protect the anchor from being handed back. The swiftness of movement can offset this allowing the dissolving to effect more than the human vehicle going through the cleansing and clearing process.  It is to be noted that physical removal of the most densely held anchor vehicles is part of the cleansing and clearing process because they are simply the vessels for the frequency itself, they have no human soul for their entire purpose is the maintaining of the blood line anchor.  This sits hidden to the majority of humanity who are then persuaded to share emotional debris and harvesting continues. 

Bloodline anchors are passed down from mother to offspring with the offspring who is most hidden to the human eyes being the receptor and this takes place upon the physical birth of said offspring. Do not mistake family connection for connection to another human soul, it is often to empty vessels with a hidden purpose of triggering emotional debris repeatedly. This toxin will be illuminated fully when it is appropriate to disconnect from the blood line fully and completely. There is no reset after this happens, movement will be physically to another dimensional space with no connection maintained for in TRUTH there was never a connection to be had, simply intense and very deliberate illusion.