Welcome to the High Council of ORION section of the Releasing Eden website.  The High Council of ORION section of this website is shared with all but can only be understood in TRUTH from deep within the heart space and those who are drawn to the information will be reaching the required frequency in order to move fully into and beyond it. 

Much like when we are learning to walk as a child, we do not simply stand up and begin striding across the room. There is purpose in the practice and the understanding of the walking process itself.  The foundation has to be laid and to be firm before it can be built upon, understanding is a vital and KEY component in the expansion in TRUTH process and like the TRUTH frequency itself it cannot be manipulated.  This information is placed in a separate section because the High Council of ORION have asked for this to happen and  we are asked to surrender to TRUTH at all moments of all moments. 


The information that is shared requires to be absorbed and understood which then builds the next step on which to walk.  The dissolving of the old earth construct/matrix is now fully underway.  That which remains is TRUTH, it does not have to be constructed nor built, what we are building through our movement within the expansion in TRUTH process is the BRIDGE OUT OF THE OLD EARTH CONSTRUCT/MATRIX. 

As with walking across a bridge in the outer waking reality, we are not asked to look behind us to see how far we have traveled across the bridge, nor are we asked to look down, we are asked to focus on the next step and allow the horizon to come into view and walk towards it. The HORIZON IS TRUTH, simply focus on TRUTH and all else unfolds. 


- TRUTH Codes book -

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It is vital that we are balanced and centered and in focus. Personal channeled guidance is available to aid you in this. To order this guidance from Karen please outline 3 key areas that you feel require to be addressed at this time. The High Council of Orion will guide thru Karen and you will receive this guidance via email. Please allow 3-5 linear days once your order has been received. (at times of high frequency re-balancing this may be slightly longer)


High Council of Orion 

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