Whom they ARE in TRUTH

Karen began her work in vibrational medicine in the North East of Scotland studying under Kathleen Murray.  It was during the expansion of this work that Karen began her channeling and connection to that which lies beyond the old earth construct/matrix.  Working with various healing modalities allowed her to find her access point back to TRUTH. It was the crystal skulls themselves who stepped forward to work with Karen during her studies.  Prior to starting her vibrational healing work with Kathleen Murray it had remained hidden the connection that she had.  Walking in to Kathleen's house she connected immediately to the skulls and the memories began to come back.  Further work that involved travelling to the USA in 2010 to attend a world wide Crystal Skull Conference cemented the connection with Karen connecting to people who already worked with the skulls and to those who had also been called to New York at that time. 

Returning after the conference Karen began to have experiences that widened her own healing work and she began to share her information with the wider world.  She is the ORIGINAL channel for the High Council of Orion and she returned to the USA in 2012 this time the west coast to complete the book that was written by the High Council of Orion thru her. Again the call to Los Angeles was more than just to work on the completion of the book and again more physical experience and meetings with those who were to validate the path that had opened before her. 

Each time she was moved further and deeper into the connection and each time she had to challenge the widely accepted and assumed role of healing in the human life experience itself. We tend to segregate the different aspects of healing but in TRUTH they are all connected.  Many can work with skulls but refute other healing methods and this is part of the illusion that is presented by the old earth construct/matrix itself.  Crystal skulls support the expansion because they hold a frequency that allows for journeying beyond the matrix itself. Sacred geometry is used against humanity with many working to aid the matrix in many and varied unknowing ways. 

The High Council of Orion are the connection that exist between the old earth construct/matrix and our Creator YHWY Himself, they are a high level of Angelic Beings that have no written history per se within the old earth construct/matrix because they are the akin to the judgment panel of all sentient beings. We have been conditioned to view "angels" in a very manipulative and illusive way.  It is not TRUTH to assume that angels fall into "good" or "bad" nor is it TRUTH to assume that angelic realms work FOR humanity.  They are sentient beings that have a very defined creation purpose and whilst humanity have been caught up in the war between Lucifer and our Creator YHWY humanity have had their vision hijacked by the fallen angels who seek to define angels, their frequency and purpose to humanity. 

Christ sits on the judgment panel as ambassador if you will to humanity.  He sits at the right hand of our Creator YHWY who oversees the entire process.  Therefore in order to reach TRUTH and to avoid the judgment that is placed upon ALL of humanity we have to work IN Christ.  Lucifer created the construct of religion to hijack this process and to funnel humanity away from their birthright which is to exit the old earth construct/matrix and step out of the judgment that HOLDS them to the old earth construct/matrix. It is very challenging to step out of the construct of religion fully because it is so deeply embedded in the human life experience itself. It touches ALL of the human life experience and has held many in chains forever. 

It is vital that we surrender IN Christ which is the only route to the new earth for the reasons explained above. Attempting to follow "Christ", attempting to judge, to align with humanity and attempting to somehow be "Christ" are all illusions that seek to hold us in place denying us our right to step out of this construct and into wider Creation in TRUTH.