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Why find balance?


To find balance in our lives we must first of all start with ourselves, there is the old adage that it is not possible to drink from a cup that is empty and this rings true for ourselves also.  If we spend all of our time trying to support and to love those around us and yet do not replenish ourselves then we will find ourselves out of balance. 

Symptoms of being out of balance can include: 

  • poor sleep, waking frequently or difficulty even falling asleep

  • feeling exhausted with no identifiable cause

  • irritable

  • overly emotional in situations that seem trivial to those around you but which produce an intense reaction within you

  • keeping busy in an attempt to distract from emotions that try to arise within

  • a sense of being overwhelmed

Many people will look at the above list and think "but this is just life today".  It may have become a reality for many, many people but this does not mean life has to continue like this.  In a hectic and often times crazy world it is vital that we find our own inner balance. 

The tools on this website are created to bring you back into your natural balance where you will begin to experience calmness and sense of clarity that is elusive when you are out of balance. From this place of balance and harmony life can be reset to that which maintains your natural balance.


This allows you to experience:

  • more harmonious relationships with those around you

  • increased clarity

  • better sleep

  • a solid space from which you can then navigate forward

  • more connection to nature and the natural world

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