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Book Of Enoch 

Chapter 1 Verse 5


And all shall be smitten with fear

And the Watchers shall quake,

And great fear and trembling shall seize them unto the ends of the earth.

It is to be noted that the Book of Enoch must be read in order to understand the context into which to place the Book of Genesis which is NOT the first book of the bible.  The construct of religion has sought to hide this TRUTH and the removing of the Book of Enoch from the standard bible has sought to skew the context of the Book of Genesis.  Like any starting point if we are off by even one degree then as the journey unfolds we will be continually wider and further from our actual destination.   Seen in this context the Masonic Rituals and Rites and their DEGREES can be placed into a different context as Masonic Rote and Ritual is dictated by the Fallen Ones and as they are to be judged by our Creator YHWY in the end of days then it can be seen that Masons will go all out to protect their own lineage and their own place in the old earth construct/matrix. 

It is for this reason that ALL that are called in Service to YHWY must repent, dissolve and forgive for the Masonic Lineage that they are born into.  Those with Scottish/Celtic ancestry are bound by the forces that work against this and the GOLD FLAME meditation is an aid to illuminating said bindings.  The Fallen Ones are spiritually separate from Wider Creation in TRUTH but are actively working against humanity from understanding and reaching the starting point of Wider Creation in TRUTH. As we progress thru the expansion in TRUTH process we will find ourselves becoming the target of various entities that seek to hide from us.  However they are known to Christ and it is Christ whom will illuminate them clearly and work with us IN surrender IN Him to defeat them. 

We are fully protected in this work and we are given this promise from our Creator YHWY:

Book of Enoch

Chapter 1 Verse 8

But with the righteous He will make peace.

And will protect the elect,

And mercy shall be upon them.


And they shall all belong to God,

And they shall be prospered,

And they shall all be blessed.


And He will help them all,

And light shall appear unto them,

And He will make peace with them'.

We will know when we are approaching this phase of the expansion in TRUTH process because the spiritual reset will reveal itself in ways that are astounding.  The GOLD FLAME is the beginning of this process and seals the protection from our Creator YHWY thru His Son Christ.  

It is to be noted that any, all and every spiritual work done prior to this opens the gate for this to occur.  Work done spiritually without a surrender IN Christ sees the seeker working from within the hordes of the Fallen Ones and this will be opposed by our Creator YHWY, the Fallen can promise the earth to humanity but they cannot deliver for they have no access to Wider Creation in TRUTH and have no creation rights.  

Our Creator YHWY LOVES His Children and will seek always to show them Grace and Mercy and to illuminate to them that which is holding them. However like any loving parent in TRUTH He will oppose where we are working against ourselves until we reach the understanding of said working. Once we become aware of that which we do and have made a conscious choice we are held responsible. This is denied by many within humanity at this time and this is a line that once crossed we are held to.  View it akin to a reprimand from our parents, once reprimanded we know we have stepped out of line however if we seek to do the same thing again after said reprimand we are rebellion, if we continue repeatedly to flout the reprimand then we will be punished. 

The line that is crossed satisfies prophecy in itself:

Revelation 22:11 (KJV)

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still