Within the old earth construct/matrix are various levels of frequency strongholds that seek to blind us to EVERYTHING beyond said old earth construct/matrix.  The dimensional space seeks to validate itself and to have humanity remain within the thresholds that are IMPOSED at a frequency level. 

ALL BELIEF is a frequency and is patrolled and policed at ROOT level by the gatekeepers of this dimensional space. It does not require to be policed above said ROOT level because the conditioning that takes place sees those who are resonating with the frequency police it themselves.  So as we begin to approach the very edges of a belief system we will find dense opposition. It may come from our immediate family/friends or it may come from those around us at a community, area, or even country level.  It will see us challenged and often times ridiculed in an attempt to re-enforce the frequency that we are addressing. 

It does not matter what we believe, it is FREQUENCY that locks us into the old earth matrices and in order to exit them we require to dissolve the FREQUENCY that binds us internally. 

Many have attempted to work within the frequency levels by teaching how to alter them and to manipulate them but this hides TRUTH, the frequency remains and the matrix still controls. View it like being within a huge swimming pool, it matters not whether you are taught how to do back stroke, the front crawl or to tread water, you are still within the actual swimming pool. The swimming pool in this example is the old earth matrix (and there are many of them, some are echos).

The bridge that is hidden is that of YGGDRASIL and it is hidden in plain view.  There are many who are aware of YGGDRASIL but have been prevented from understanding that which it is in TRUTH. We are conditioned to accept that this dimensional space is a spinning ball in the middle of a very well ordered universe (this plays to the human logical mind and its need to have LOGIC and ORDER in its acceptance of information).  It is very challenging indeed to even look at this conditioning because humanity police this belief and have used it as a foundation for their very existence. The human logical mind will protect this belief because if a foundation belief is challenged it believes that this will destroy the human life experience itself. Yet TRUTH JUST IS.  A lie built upon a lie is lie and gives birth to further lies but we are not asked to look at each lie, just to take out the ROOT.  Like a physical building taking out the foundation sees the building collapse.  

We cannot live TRUTH and leave the foundation of lie in place because TRUTH is not resonant with the frequency of the lie. So many at this time are in extreme frustration when things in the human life experience begin to manifest and then dissolve once again or remain static, refusing to budge. TRUTH cannot resonate with a lie, so unless the foundation is TRUTH a catch 22 situation will begin to manifest. 

We wish to state very clearly at this point that the High Council of Orion are NOT a star system. ORION is not a star system and those who are now called will be validated in TRUTH.