About Karen

Known for her Channeling work Karen has worked with color, sound and vibration directly with clients and latterly remotely with her clients.  All is frequency and vibration and Karen has been on a journey that many are now stepping on to.  This journey has been walked by Karen in order that she understands that which is asked of the Children of Wider Creation in TRUTH.  There is nothing that Karen has not experienced that will be experienced by said Children of Wider Creation which allows Karen to validate where validation is required. 

Karen works very closely with crystal skulls and the Archangels. The journey that began understanding energy has transformed into the path that she is now fully conversant with.  Over the years she has accelerated her connection with those who lie beyond the confines of the dimensional space referenced as "earth".  Many have been "sent" to Karen in order to receive the messages and aid that they require in order to make sense of their reality and the every shifting frequencies that now flood into the physical everyday waking level of existence. 

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Having travelled extensively Karen was returned to her homeland in order that she stand in TRUTH as the next part of this journey is now revealed. Those who have connected with her feel a familiarity because ALL ARE ONE.

A welcome back message from Karen

Am back!  For many of you who so closely followed my work and for those I came to know as dear friends the journey over the past few linear years will have been like nothing you have ever experienced before. I know that many of you may have wondered what happened when I honored the guidance to stop sharing work publically and to remain silent for a few years.  I went into a process that could only ever have been one that Wider Creation in TRUTH prepared for me. It allowed me to understand to new levels what is playing out and also to understand the personal path that I am on in relation to my connection at a human waking everyday level with Wider Creation in TRUTH.

My connection to the Skull Family has intensified, often the skulls will step back whilst holding space for us in order that we can understand the message more deeply.  This happened throughout my few years of silence and now they are in place to guide once again the next phase of my journey which involves ALL OF YOU.  Often going into silence is seen as something to be scared of, be assured it is not, it is in the stillness of BEing that WE ARE FOUND.

To those of you who have found your way back to the LIGHT that WE SHINE brightly I thank you for your patience, for continuing to deepen your FAITH and to hold the LIGHT.  WE ARE UNITED in TRUTH and we now prepare for the next phase of this journey.

I thank you for your love and support and now welcome you to the next phase of this journey TOGETHER for WE ARE .