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The natural state of a human being is balance, calmness and serenity.  The outer waking life experience can seek to break thru this and have us running in circles. To find outer peace and serenity we must simply go within and reconnect to ourselves.  The tools on this website allow you to simply and easily bring calmness, peace and serenity back into your everyday life.  Choosing as many options as you wish, taking time to rediscover your purpose, peace and serenity, the first step is simply to put the kettle on, choose the tool that you wish to access and listen /read and allow the process of reconnection to begin.

  • Listen FREE to the Truth Codes general podcasts

  • Subscribe to our Heaven's podcast, sit/lie down and allow the information to wash over you bringing context that is often hidden by the rush of the human life experience. 

  • Subscribe to Heaven's meditations, lie down and allow the meditation to take you into a deep space of relaxation, peace and serenity.

  • Subscribe to our Truth Codes blog for FREE

  • Subscribe to our Heaven's blog to hear what Heavens wishes for you to focus on bringing clarity and context to your life 

  • Subscribe to our Channelled Messages for guidance from your star family  

  • Book a one to one session with Karen and allow her insight and knowledge to work to release the tension and chaos within your life. Bringing you back into balance, peace and clarity

  • Book a remote healing session to support you further in maintaining your balance, peace and clarity.

  • Embrace a message from your spirit guide / passed loved one, allowing for communication from beyond to soothe and bring you back into peace and clarity.

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