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"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

Nicola Tesla

Energy Signature

As humans we give off an "energy signature", this tells the universe around us who we are and the space that we occupy.  A healthy energy signature will be complete with no tears, rips or holes in it. It will be filled with the colors that we require to maintain our balance and it will announce our presence as peace and calm.  However in an dimensional space that is full of chaos, fear and low frequencies this is rarely the case. 

It is important to understand what our energy signature holds and its purpose.  It is not some "woo woo" idea that has just been made up.  We can FEEL the energy of those around us even if we are not conscious or have any knowledge of energy and how energy works. We can FEEL when those around are experiencing intense emotions, anger for example is a dense frequency and we will feel a "heaviness" emanating from not only the person(s) who is/are angry but the entire space around them.  Energy travels from one person to another thru the space that exists and is unseen. We do not see everything around us with our naked human eye due to the frequency bandwidths that the eye can perceive. What looks like blank or empty space is filled with energy. 

If we experience illness then this affects us energetically. If we are not "plugged in" to TRUTH (thru the heart space thru Christ into Wider Creation) then we will experience low energy and have to keep "topping" up our energy. We can view this thru the "energy drink" market, the name is not by chance.  Rips, tears and holes in our energy signature allows for energy to enter that then causes havoc.  View your energy signature as a shield protecting you from the frequencies around you.  Keeping it intact and balanced is vital to our health and wellbeing on all levels of existence. 

In order to experience calm, peace and wholeness we must have a balanced and whole energy signature. 

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