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Copyright, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer

All material on this website is copyright to Karen Doonan at all times.  Sharing of material may be done if the terms and conditions allow it. NO permission is granted to quote any material that is accessed thru a subscription or course material that is purchased on this site. 

Membership and / or subscription is the responsibility of the member/subscriber who may cancel their membership at any time.


 One to one sessions, and personal messages are non refundable and ordering of these is acceptance of these terms.

Services provided should be viewed as being for entertainment purposes only and in no way replaces proper legal, financial or medical advice.  

You must be over 18 yrs old to book any services/courses on this website

The services provided via this website,  are not meant to replace the services or advice of a trained professional e.g doctor

You are responsible for the choices you make in your life. Therefore, choices, consequences and/or actions made by you based on your interaction with the services provided are solely your responsibility.

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