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Crystal Skulls

"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came to BE"

-  HCoO thru Karen Doonan

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Why Skulls?

WE ARE in human physical form, underneath our skin, our ligaments and various muscles is our skeleton.  The Crystal Skull is representative of humanity and as such is symbolic of the evolution of humanity.   Many are called to the Crystal Kingdom and often they are also called to the Crystal Skulls, however this is not TRUTH for all who heed the call,  Crystal Skulls tend to work with those who can accept our Extra Terrestrial Origins.  

When Karen first started her spiritual journey it was the skulls who called first and foremost and she has worked closely with Crystal Skulls for nearly two decades.  What started as a journey to seek a way to heal from deep pain has turned into the most fascinating of journeys. 

It is vital that at this time we work with the Crystal Skulls and the protection and expansion that they offer us in this our human physical form.  WE ARE energy but WE ARE housed in a human physical vehicle. The human physical vehicle has inherited various dense frequency and vibration patterning from within the various human physical lineages that WE ARE incarnated within.  It is vital therefore that we address these false frequency vibrations as they interfere fully with the full evolution process.  We will find that we reach various points in our journey where the human physical vehicle begins to revolt and we may find ourselves understanding at a deep heart level but unable to fully process and accept at a human everyday waking mind level.   This causes confusion and can cause a distortion in the human life experience itself as the two frequencies battle to find balance. 

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