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Messages from Beyond

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now moving into the next phase of our "human" evolution process. For many the human life experience has turned into some sort of "waking nightmare" and yet this is not the entire picture.  We use our human eyes and our brains interpret that which we "see" but this uses only a FRACTION of our human logical mind. 

There are many within the human race who have spent a great deal of linear years resolving the inherited trauma and associated frequency bandwidths that have kept them in the trance that the human life experience can often become if it is not questioned and evolved from. 

As a conduit Karen is able to "see" that which lies Beyond the veils that have been in place since the inception of this current human race.  This allows her to reach Beyond the picture presented and RE connect in TRUTH to Wider Creation where ALL are ONE and are connected thru the deep heart space. 

Offering various energetic modalities to her clients over the many years of TRUTH Codes has seen her hone her skillset and at this time she is asked to hold the space for the many and varied conversations that Wider Creation requires to have with those who are incarnated within humanity in order to aid in the evolution of humanity. 

If you feel that you are in some way connected to Beyond, have a close connection with the Archangelic realms, crystal skulls, energetic modalities etc and wish to validate and expand who YOU ARE in TRUTH then please order below.   All messages will be sent via email to the address used in the original order. Please allow up to 3 days to receive your message. 


Message from Beyond thru Karen 
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