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Crystal Skull Healing

Crystal Skulls work with energy on various dimensional levels, unlike crystals they can work out with the dimensional space that humanity live within. This allows for VAST transformation and an influx of higher dimensional coding and frequency vibration which helps to balance our energy signature and expand our connection beyond the "perceived" outer waking reality.  Those who are what is termed "starseeds" and those who can accept our Extra Terrestrial Origin are often called by the Crystal Skulls to "remember in TRUTH".  This can be challenging from within a space which seeks to teach a race that they walk alone and that they are somehow separate from the massive galactic family that exists beyond this dimensional space. 

The influx of AI and the technologies that are now appearing within this dimensional space also add the chaos deliberately as the human physical vehicle begins to struggle with all the different and often clashing frequency vibrations.  Where we find chaos and an inability to balance the human energy system we will find illness, disease and often a "scrambling of reality", this makes it challenging for many within humanity to function ABOVE the chaos frequencies.  We can view this akin to being at the top of a high mountain, where there is CLEAN, FRESH OXYGEN whilst further down the mountain is pollution. It IS possible to walk thru this dimensional space unhampered by the chaotic frequency vibrations but this can only be done with an intact and protected energy signature. 

We can view the Crystal Skulls are the ARMOR that we require to wear in order that our energy signature changes and moves at will to heighten, broaden or expand when necessary, adapting to the energetic frequencies we walk thru leaving us crystal clear in our BEing.  This can only ever be achieved thru the Crystal Skulls and the coding that they can reach which we then download and work with at deeper and deeper levels. 

For prices and availability of Crystal Skull Healing Sessions please CLICK HERE

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