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The High Council of ORION work thru the colors of TEAL.

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It is vital that we understand the energy that WE ARE in TRUTH.  Many people are aware that electrical waves can and will effect the human body but many forget the effect that OUR energy has on our surroundings.  As we move in frequency and extend and expand our energy signature then we will begin to experience these effects much more strongly.  

Energy always tries to balance itself, a frequency wave coming into contact with another frequency will always cause both frequencies to try to find balance, some will do this quite naturally others will begin to rebel and fight the process leaving a sort of zig zag effect in operation.  If you have ever walked into somewhere and began to feel sick or dizzy then you have had this experience.  

We are moving into full evolution of species, as we have dissolved the false frequencies that have held humanity in stasis then our energy signature will begin to repair itself and as it does so then we will begin to expand back into balance, it has to be understood that this is an ongoing process.  The use of crystals, color and sound are part of the process for  everything is a frequency wave. We seek to find balance and expansion at all moments of all moments.

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