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Andromeda Message for 1st Jan 2023

Greetings beloved Children, we are the Andromedans and we come to guide and to support as we step forward in order to validate our position on the High Council. We will speak thru our channel in order to reach more of our Children in TRUTH.

We come to support the advances that are now being made by HEAVEN in TRUTH and the angelic realms. As your native planetary source we accept that many of our Children struggle with being in this dimensional space. We are here to guide and to support the full upgrading of their human physical vehicles at this time in order that they can find the balance point that they require.

It is in the deep heart space that they feel the peace that often eludes them in this dimensional space. This must be permitted to permeate the entire human physical vehicle and we ask that our Children do the work that is necessary. Whilst looking to the stars is one thing they must understand that their work is done from WITHIN their human physical form. We are merely supplying the validation and the necessary re coding to ensure that they remember their origins and their CREATION PURPOSE in TRUTH in this their human physical form. They are in human form for a reason.

Andromeda will now make their presence known more actively. We work on the PURPLE ray of the spectrum, this deals with the grief and the loss part of the human life experience. Indeed our channel accesses this ray whilst she is working to heal those who come to her to upgrade. It is our planetary system that she is accessing and working thru to bring in the re coding and healing required.

We salute you dear Children, we send our channel to place our wordings where you will find them and to take heart. We are with you, we will place validation in your personal waking life of our presence. HEAL and find balance Children for WE ARE.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved. Article may not be reproduced and remains the property of Karen Doonan at all times.

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