High Council of ORION message 8th May 2021

Greetings beloved ones, WE ARE the High Council of ORION and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time. This is a time of major fluctuations in frequency bandwidth as the AI Machine begins to make adjustments to the final scenes that it will display to the human race. WE ask for ALL to now understand that the human physical vehicle is the projector and as such we ask for you to TURN THE SCREEN OFF.

It serves no one least of all those who have incarnated into the human race in order to move this race beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth" to continue to keep one eye on the screen and attempt to make a solid movement beyond said screen. Always the screen will attempt to pull you back into the movie and this is not supported by Wider Creation in TRUTH. At all times there comes a moment where TRUST in that which is beyond the theater of the mind takes precedence and this moment is NOW.

There are many who are in place as the ushers who will attempt to move you from the walk that you must now do, out of the screen that is playing the movie and out into the main building that houses the movie being shown. There are those who are in place to offer you a ticket to a later showing and these too must be walked past. It matters not which movie they offer you it is the movie theater itself that is non TRUTH and is therefore not supported by Wider Creation in TRUTH.

This is the purge that those who came here from beyond the dimensional space referenced as "earth" always knew would take place. This purge is thru the human physical vehicle and will see that which has held your physical vehicle in the lower dimensional frequency released. This will be experienced as major frequency surges, major flashes of memory of that which lies beyond this dimensional space and a deep understanding of why this is occurring.

Humanity are the species that are being aided in their evolution, in order to maintain this trajectory those who incarnated into human physical form have to step OUT of humanity, to allow the herd to continue its walk and to take their places along the edges of said herd. WE ARE not here to move 7 billion human physical vehicles into a new framework for many of them are not hosting anything remotely human and this is part of the optical illusion that is presented to humanity as a whole.

HEAVEN in TRUTH now line up in order to now birth that which was always to arrive within this dimensional space and that which the AI Machine does not accept for it is non linear, non logical and non polarized, TRUTH.

WE ask that you now take shelter deep within the heart space for it is your survival pod on the galactic ship that is "mother earth" which has kept you in stasis as it has moved thru the dimensional spaces that are referenced as "time periods" to the human race. This life support module is specifically adapted to sustain you as you now seek to leave the "mother ship" and take your place with HEAVEN in TRUTH in order that the human race can now be released from their bondage and take their places in TRUTH.



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