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Anger and the flames of torment

For many the idea of a "hell" is a place of never ending torment where something is done to them that is horrific. Many of the main stream media give reference points to this repeatedly using very precise language. What many within humanity do not see is the continual turmoil that they pour over themselves from within themselves.

Everything is frequency and vibration, nothing can exist without a frequency or a vibration and the denser the frequency the heavier the experience that is born from within it. Many at this time are anchored into the flames of anger but this is hidden from them due to the false reference points that the Old Earth Matrix has given them.

Anger whilst being an emotion that is human can be used as a weapon and it is being weaponized from within. What triggers anger in humanity? the idea that somehow what is happening is out with their "control" and that something must be done to punish the controller. This is a conditioned, thought control response that humanity are trained in the moment they are born into this dimensional space.

"Its not my fault", "Its nothing to do with me", these sorts of concepts work to hide responsibility and in doing so tether humanity to the very hell that they believe is somewhere else. When we have unresolved anger we are pliable and the Old Earth Matrix will then shape us into that which it needs us to be in order for it to continue to operate. Many within humanity can see the REFLECTION of anger, whether passive or more obvious in those around them but fail to identify it as a reflection of that which runs within themselves. Thus placing it externally where it simply burns them over and over again.

In order to deal with anger we have to release the stronghold that holds us to said anger. It is a natural emotion, it is when it is HELD IN PLACE THRU AN EVENT that it becomes weaponized. It is when humanity begin to pick up this weapon and fire it all around them that the fire begins to spread. It is LOVE in TRUTH that can extinguish the fire but only when we allow LOVE in TRUTH to flow thru us first and foremost.

Humanity are being conditioned to believe that being vulnerable is a weakness when in TRUTH it is what makes humanity human. It is their strength, when LOVE in TRUTH flows thru our deep heart space we begin to flow and as we flow we increase in strength. Those who close down their heart space believing the conditioning that to keep distance, to separate and to isolate is even a human way of living will harden. Then they will simply break when enough pressure is applied, that is the entire purpose of the conditioning that is active at this time.

Studies have repeatedly shown that babies/toddlers given no affection and left alone for long periods of time for example in orphanages experience extreme trauma and yet somehow an entire population has been put into exactly those conditions and the majority of humanity are trying to uphold it. You would not isolate a child, refuse to give it comfort, to hold and to touch it and leave it for extended periods of time on its own and yet the Old Earth Matrix demands this of all of humanity at this time.

The time to step fully into our deep heart space and FLOW in TRUTH is NOW. In a world that is solidifying it is the WATER OF LIFE, of LOVE in TRUTH that will now begin to soften that which is literally drying out and dying.



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