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Updated: May 19

This stunning crystal steps forward to aid us in our expansion at this time by increasing our ability to reach the higher frequencies and lock on to them. Many use this crystal in crystal grids or carrying this crystal about their person, but when placed in a grid with the skull collective and calling in the angelic realms this crystal comes into its own.

It is a very delicate crystal, there is now "power washing" taking place when using this crystal which makes it perfect for this current phase which many are finding challenging. This crystal is akin to trying to tune into a radio station but still getting some interference. Placing this crystal with intent, calling in the angelic realms and opening the heart space will see major transformations begin to take place.

Working with the angelic realms involves opening our heart space fully to Christ Himself and allowing an inner bridge to be connected. We walk across this bridge to Christ in order to reach HEAVEN in TRUTH. This allows for legions of angels to connect thru Christ to us. This is out with any religious context for Christ. We are not for example bow to Christ that would be placing him in the context of an idol. We SURRENDER to Him and in doing so we receive the transfer of intense healing energy that radiates thru our heart space and begins to illuminate that which is holding us in the rote and ritual of trauma. Working in this way works to clear and balance our heart space and brings us new ways of living and of being.

Crystals then work to balance our frequency so that we can TUNE IN more easily to the Angelic realms and receive the assistance and support that they offer to us at any one time.

For those who are wondering which Angelic Being is stepping forward to help them and wish to explore this further thru an angelic message please quote ANGEL22 - this is a short message from the angel who wishes to communicate with you at this time and the crystal that would be most beneficial for you to work with at this time. This is offered at the special price of $22.



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