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Embracing our Humanity in TRUTH

It is relatively easy to look out onto the world and see a picture that simply is not there.  The attack on our humanity is a very subtle one, it is enforced separation through the emotional debris that the old world creates.  As life begins to fall apart we tend to opt to attempt to escape, of course this is not possible when it is an internal debris that is being externalized.  The control is of course for the continuation of the keeping hold of the internal emotional debris.  A human being who is wracked with emotional debris is one that can be tightly controlled through the human logical mind itself.

We are heavily conditioned to conform, even in the rebellion that many have attempted is a conforming for there are unwritten emotional rules that humanity have been contained within.  Emotional freedom is the opening of the heart space to allow fresh perspective and fresh experience to flood in to the human life experience. Unfortunately the human logical mind is so powerful that it can project what looks like "fresh and new" and then force this into place.  The tension that is externalized is then harvested.

It is conditioned human behavior to seek a balm for the intense emotional distress that is ongoing. Whether or not the emotional distress is acknowledged at a conscious waking mind level or not it will seek an outlet.  Many people use various scenarios to address this fully believing that somehow they are "managing" their stress levels.  Stress is only ever present where there is emotional debris and separation.  Lucifer controls this through the illusion that everyone else within the human race is somehow got it right yet the individual has somehow not. The media pushes this continually, with photographic media twisting the outer waking reality hugely.  Many teenagers are hitting stress levels that are beyond belief attempting to reach the photo shopped images of how they are "meant" to look.

This focus on appearance is EXTERNAL which of course drives the illusion deeper for all is INTERNAL in TRUTH which is then externalized. To focus on the packing and not the contents is how Lucifer presents the outer waking reality as other than it is in TRUTH.  We can look at something wonderful and get pulled into the fancy wrapping ignoring that the package is in fact empty, it is void.   It is this "void" that humanity are seeking to fill using more void packages. This sees an emptiness that creates more emotional debris and harnessed by Lucifer himself.Proverbs 14:12 (KJV) “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” 

As with all reflections we must invert that what is being shown in order to reach TRUTH.  The ways of "life" in Lucifer's world are in TRUTH ways of death, leading to more emotional debris and more separation.  The separation we see in the outer waking reality is being manifest through the levels of separation that are internal within humanity.   Many years ago society was not so driven by technology and the need to be "perfect".  For those who can reach the experience of this and have lived this it may seem almost a "lifetime" ago. The pressures deliberately created are increasing, place chaos and anxiety in the mix and the human race will go into overdrive which they are at this time. Seeking to escape something that cannot be escaped other than through the heart space. The human logical mind driving intense scenarios that are being reacted to even though they are not physically present sees a world that is off balance, that is chaotic and the conditioning of course for the human logical mind is to somehow "make sense" of the "chaos".

This triggering of the human mind can only ever be approached through surrender to Christ and opening of the heart space. The refuge that all seek is internal, but Lucifer has conditioned humanity to separate from their own heart space. Every human being alive requires food, shelter, water and LOVE in TRUTH. The latter is what is denied through the old world, denied through the harvesting of the emotional debris.  For we can survive on very little of the former but we die in TRUTH when we do not receive the latter.

At this time we are asked to understand that the "war" is for our human heart space, the attempts to close it down are fueled by the chaos, the judgement and the anger that is manifest from the emotional debris itself.

Anger cannot solve anger, pain cannot solve pain, judgement cannot solve judgement only LOVE in TRUTH can solve anything and this sits beyond our human form in Christ Himself, all we need do to reach it is open our hearts and surrender in TRUTH for in the surrender there is power for in the surrender is LOVE in TRUTH. Kx

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