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Entering Bliss by BEing in TRUTH

Crystals come in all shapes and sizes and over the past few years there has been an explosion of interest in one shape that is very dear to my heart, Crystal Skulls. These beautiful BEings entered my life as I entered the healing path that has taken me to where I am today. Crystal Skulls fascinate people, I always say they are a bit like "marmite", you are either drawn or repelled and both reactions are very valid indeed.

Working with Crystal Skulls is a way of working with more than one kingdom, we have the crystal that the skull is carved from and we have the actual carving itself. Skulls work very hard to bring harmony into the human life experience, for those who have perhaps tentatively accepted a skull into their life the experience would have been one that blew them away. Skulls take no prisoners and they work to release and to harmonize at ALL levels of our Being so be prepared to rip down some veils when skulls enter your life!

Crystal Skulls work very closely with Archangels, all in Wider Creation in TRUTH is ONE therefore all different realms blend with one another into continual expansion. It is us in this our human physical form that tries to separate out the different kingdoms and have them in some sort of "meaningful" order. This is a conditioned response and as we work more closely with all kingdoms this will blur as we are asked to let go and allow the blending. This leads to more harmony, more support and of course more understanding.

At this time the Crystal Skulls are SINGING very loudly, they join their voices with the Archangels in order that a very pure NOTE can be released and this breaks thru the density of the old earth matrix fully. Be prepared for MAJOR BREAK THRU's, expansion and of course understanding which is birthed thru allowing the experience to be had.

For further information and support please visit the GOLD CHANNEL on the main TRUTH CODES website. For those who wish to use meditations to enter the deep heart space the subscription only GOLD Services has the latest meditation that leads into the Crystal Kingdom and beyond.



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