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Expansion beyond boundaries in TRUTH

As we now move more fully into the end of the end of times we are asked to surrender fully and completely. Changes and updates are still being added to the main Releasing Eden website including an integrated blog on said website.

Multiple platforms will now merge into one dedicated space which stands on the Rock that IS Christ. No further blogposts will be updated here and I wish to give thanks to all who have read and supported this blog.

We now move into the full outpouring of the illusion as per prophesy and further information and support will be available on the main site.

We are not here to simply accept that which has been presented as the human life experience in this our human form. Nor are we asked to take on the illusion through waging war for the war is ALREADY WON. Christ won our victory on the Cross in order we could walk with Him BEYOND the Cross and fully into our Creator YHWYs Kingdom in this our human form.

I leave this blog as the footprint that it is in TRUTH in order that those willing to surrender fully can validate their path.



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